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Samsung Announced the Samsung Galaxy S8 a few days back. The phone is a powerhouse in itself and introduces a lot of new features. Now an obvious question is hitting everyone’s mind that is it better than the iPhone 7?

Today, we will show you some reasons which make the Samsung Galaxy S8 better than the iPhone 7.

8 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S8 is Better than the Apple iPhone 7 11

Here are some of the factors which make the Samsung Galaxy S8 better than the iPhone 7.

Infinity Display

Samsung Galaxy S8 is almost a bezel-less phone. Samsung did a great job removing the bezels which make the phone look stunning.

8 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S8 is Better than the Apple iPhone 7 12

Moreover, the display has a screen resolution of 1440 x 2960 which is far better than the iPhone 7’s screen resolution. iPhone 7 has a screen resolution of only 750 x 1334. Such great screen resolution and a bezel-less design make the Galaxy S8’s display look stunning.


Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with Snapdragon 835 which is currently the fastest chipset on the market. Samsung clearly beats iPhone in this category as it has a lot of more RAM and more processing power than the iPhone 7. The Snapdragon 835 comes with an Octa-core (4×2.35 GHz Kryo & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo) CPU.

Facial Recognition and Iris Scanner

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has an Iris scanner and face recognition feature which the iPhone 7 doesn’t. The facial recognition features works in the blink of an eye and unlocks your phone quickly.

8 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S8 is Better than the Apple iPhone 7 13

In this way, you don’t even have to put your finger on the fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone. It’ll be unlocked as soon as you pick it up in front of your face.

Expandable Storage

This is the feature which iPhone might never have. Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with an external Micro SD card slot which makes it easier to expand your memory up to 256 GB. Expanding the memory via a Micro SD card is cheaper than purchasing a phone with more internal storage.


Dex is one of my favorite features in the Samsung Galaxy S8. DeX allows you to connect your phone to a big screen and operate your phone as a PC.

8 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S8 is Better than the Apple iPhone 7 14

You can easily connect your phone to a big screen using a dock, a monitor or LCD and a keyboard. The DeX gives the Windows 10 feel when connected to a big screen. An iPhone cannot do that.

Bluetooth 5.0

Samsung Galaxy S8 is among the first phones to come with Bluetooth 5.0. Samsung Galaxy S8 can also connect 2 Bluetooth headphones at the same time which, in my opinion, is an excellent feature. As 2 people can listen to the same thing without disturbing others.

Bluetooth 5.0 is a big improvement over the previous gen Bluetooth 4.2. It comes with better connectivity and a better range.

Bixby Digital Assistant

Bixby is a new smart digital assistant built into the Samsung Galaxy S8. There is a dedicated key on the phone which quickly launches Bixby.

8 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S8 is Better than the Apple iPhone 7 15

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Bixby is aware of the context and lets you do a lot of stuff. For example, you can ask Bixby to “capture this and send it to someone”. Bixby will know that you are talking about the current screen. It will take a screenshot of the screen and will send it to the person you mentioned. You can also ask it to sow you the photo gallery and it will take you to your photos.

Fastest LTE

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first phone to launch with 1 gigabit LTE. It is the fastest LTE ever on in any phone.


These were some of the features which make which the Galaxy S8 better than the Apple iPhone 7. What are your opinions about these devices?



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