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HTC 10 was their major flagship release last year. The phone was accompanied with amazing build quality and software. Thankfully, we now have the software part available to be enjoyed on any Android smartphone. With this post, you would be able to install all the apps that come pre-loaded on HTC 10 on your own device.

These apps are basically the bare minimum apps that everyone needs almost daily. From the HTC Internet Browser to the File Manager, we have it all available for download and installation right below. You can download HTC 10 stock apps from the fast download links given right below.

HTC 10

As these apps are somewhat large in size, you can individually download the single/multiple apps you want or even download them all in a single ZIP. For installation, there is a necessary requirement that your device should be running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later for best results.

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Like we have mentioned above, the best part about these apps are that you can now enjoy them on any Android phone. We used to be a big fan of HTC apps (not anymore though), and have always used them on our devices. So this patched up release is a welcome for everyone who would want to try out HTC 10 apps on their Android devices.

Do not expect any new updates as you will not be able to update them directly from the Google Play Store, similar to how you do it if you actually owned the HTC 10 or some other HTC device.

Download HTC 10 Stock Apps

HTC 10 Stock Apps

Below, is the complete list of HTC 10 apps you can download. As mentioned earlier, there is also an option available to download them all in a single zip.

Download All HTC 10 Apps – Single ZIP

To install these apps, just tap on them from your download manager and proceed to install just as normal. For users trying to install APKs for the very first time, they would be notified to activate “Unknown Sources” option in the settings menu.

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