Final Fantasy VII was released for iOS last summer. Android users were waiting for the game until now but it took quite some time for the developers to port the game to Android. Final Fantasy VII for Android has been launched today and you can download it from Play Store right now. The game costs $16 just like its iOS version.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy does not need any introduction. It is the classic game series from 90’s which is now being ported to iOS and Android so that modern generation can play it easily on smartphones. And we know that smartphones are the perfect gaming tools. Because of the smartphones, PSP and other handheld gaming platforms are things of the past now. Even some big games, like GTA San Andreas, have also been ported to smartphone platforms and people love playing them on  smartphones as they can play their favourite games anytime and anywhere with ease.

Final Fantasy series is one of such series which is being ported to smartphones. Final Fantasy VII for Android is the latest addition in that. Android users can now buy the legendary classic game on their smartphone and can play wherever they want.

You can download the game for Android on Google Play Store right now.


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