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How to Take Screenshots on Moto G4 Plus

New users of the Motorola brand and specifically the Moto G4 Plus should read this guide to find out how to take screenshots on the new smartphone. Motorola worked under Google for quite a while which is why we still see Motorola following the stock look and feel of Android while making minimal changes. However, due to hardware differences and also due to different number of physical buttons, the procedures to execute simple tasks such as taking screenshots sometimes differ. Below, we have listed the full steps which you can follow to take screenshots on the Moto G4 Plus. The screenshot feature in itself has maintained its usability and has stuck with Android since the very start. This function works everywhere within the operating system however, in different boot modes like fastboot and recovery, you wont be able to apply the same steps to take a screenshot. Rather than let you wander around the internet and force you to sieve through multiple support forums, you can find all the information related to your new Moto G4 Plus right here on Team Android.  Listed below are the steps required to take a screenshot on the Moto G4 Plus.

Motorola has really stuck to what’s good in the new Moto G4 Plus, with a close to stock software and much less bloatware we grant this phone our recommendation in the budget phone lineup. The vanilla Android ROM running on the Moto G4 Plus means the screenshot process will be quite similar to Google’s phones. Even though brands like Samsung provide more interactive methods excluding the button click, Motorola has surely stuck with what Android offers out of the box!


How To Take Screenshot Using Hardware Buttons:

This one is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to take a screenshot on your Motorola Moto G. Just follow these quick steps to take one right now:

Step 1 – Open the application/screen which you want to take a screenshot of.

Step 2 – Now press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons together.

Step 3 – You will see a quick animation and hear a feedback sound that will show that a screenshot was just taken.

This is all what you need to do! Very easy and simple.

— How to Find Saved Screenshots?

If’s very easy to find them. You can go to the Gallery app and look for the Screenshots folder/album. Or manually, you can go to the Pictures > Screenshots folder in your phone memory and check all the screenshots you have taken so far.

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  • Me too – I’ve read this as the instructions in multiple places (including Motorola), but it doesn’t work. Volume turns right down and if you keep holding, the phone turns off.

  • Of some 100 attempts, it works as it should in some 20 of them. Others are either volume or power options. THEY REALLY SHOULD MAKE IT BETTER! What’s the problem with the guy behind this? Has he ever captured a screenshot? It’s annoying and enfuriating! Gee… No wonder why I hate cells and do most of my stuff on the PC!

    • I’ve been using the two keys being pressed simultaneously and I release them as soon as the screenshot is taken, with no problems at all. I like the way my ASUS Zenfone 3 Max takes screenshots much better, you just hold down on the Overview box down on the bottom right of the screen. It works like a charm, too bad Motorola didn’t follow the Zenfone’s approach..

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