Motorola’s 2016 lineup of Moto G phones is here and in this post we will be taking a look at Moto G4 Play and how you can install proper USB drivers for it. This budget friendly smartphone truly packs a punch. It has a decent battery capacity, offers 2GB of RAM and also a quad-core chip bundled in a minimal price. The design has been rethought and its also one of the first brother-phone to the Moto G4 as we are accustomed to seeing Motorola release just one flagship G series phone. Anyhow, in this post we will show you how to set up your computer to accomadate this new phone. Even if you don’t have the phone shipped yet, you can still setup your PC before hand. Moto G4 Play USB drivers are universal for Motorola smartphones which means this is one-time install after which your computer will correctly recognize all Moto phones. Also, if you are looking to update or modify your Moto G4 Play, USB drivers serve as an essential. In our detailed tutorial, we will address both Windows and Mac users so there is no ambiguity. We hope that after you install these drivers there is no connection issue or data transfer errors. Our full guide below shows you how you can get the latest USB Drivers for the Moto G4 Play installed on your system (Windows and Mac).

Once you get done with installing the USB Drivers, their will be a guarantee that your whenever you connect your phone it will be recognized correctly. Due to security concerns, we no longer see the old USB Mass Storage feature being implemented in newer versions of Android hence creating a need for separate USB drivers. However, the new versions do support “Media device (MTP)” which allows you to add or remove files from your internal storage. MTP drivers are always included with the stock Android phone software. ADB drivers and Fastboot drivers will need to be downloaded from the Android SDK. We have an entire section full of Android USB Drivers, but we have that covered as well for you below on how to download and install the drivers.


Moto G USB Drivers for Windows

Like we said, the USB drivers for Moto G4 Play are always bundled with Motorola Download Manager or MTP drivers are part of the Android 4.4 KitKat / Android 5.0 Lollipop software that comes with the phone. For transferring media content, photos and other files from your phone, you need to have a micro USB cable (preferably the one you got with the phone) for the phone.

  • Recommended: Download and install Motorola USB drivers first for Moto G4 Play!
  • Connect your Moto G4 Play with the computer using that USB cable.
  • Now wait for the computer to recognize the device.
  • Several drivers including the modem, MTP service etc. will be installed automatically.

Once finished, you will see a new media device in My Computer. You can now transfer photos, music, videos or any other files from and to your Moto G4 Play USB memory.

Moto G4 Play USB Drivers for Mac

Connecting your Moto G4 Play USB memory on a Mac is also easy. If you have been a Nexus device user on a Mac previously, then this Moto G4 Play should be no different for you. Make sure you have a Moto G4 Play and a micro-USB data cable (preferably, the one that came with the phone). Follow these quick steps:

  • Recommended: Download and install Motorola USB drivers first for Moto G4 Play!
  • Download Android File Transfer and install it on Mac OS X.
  • Connect your Moto G4 Play with the USB cable.
  • Wait for the phone to get connected and drivers to be installed.
  • Android File Transfer window will automatically open up with your internal phone memory directories.

Alternatively, you can also use Motorola Download Manager for browsing through your internal storage and transfer file easily.

That’s it! Pretty easy solutions, eh? Let me know if you run into any problems and we’ll try our best to sort it out.

Moto G4 Play ADB / Fastboot Drivers for Windows & Mac

Now for those of you who plan on developing Android apps, testing, debugging or install any custom ROMs on the Moto G4 Play, you will need to have ADB and Fastboot drivers installed and working in your computer. We have done an entire tutorial on how to set up ADB and Fastboot using Android SDK for any Android device. You can follow this tutorial and set up ADB and Fastboot and also download drivers from Motorolafor the Moto G4 Play.

If you need to only download ADB and Fastboot separately, we have created a package for the users of Windows, OS X and Linux. Download it from the link below:

Again, for any help you need or if you get stuck with an issue, you can always contact us below in the comments and the team of Team Android will be happy to help you out.

You may also like to check out our Moto G4 Play section for official updates, custom ROMs etc.


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