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Watch Google I/O 2016 Live Video Stream

Journalists are gathering, photographers are taking out their large and unnecessary zoom lenses which all means its the start of Google I/O 2016. Geared towards the developers, this annual conference held by Google takes a look at whats the latest and greatest projects Google is involved in. Previous year, we saw some amazing new releases such as Android M and got a developer preview the same day. This time around, Google already has released Android N and its developer previews but I/O 2016 conference will be where Sundar Pichai, Android Head at Google, will talk in depth about what the Android N brings and hopes to achieve. Other products such as Google Chrome, Chrome OS will also be seeing their new updates today. How to catch all this awesomeness? Well, there are multiple ways and we have tried to cover them all in this singular post. Live blogs and live streams should be your weapons. Just like before, you have the option of downloading Google I/O 2016 app straight from the Play Store to get detailed schedules and event related news.

As mentioned earlier, we will be gathering all the live coverage in this post. Live blogs are kept up to date by journalists present on the conference and the official live stream comes straight from Google. You can keep an eye on both just so you don’t miss anything.


Watch Google I/O 2016 360-Degree Live Video Stream


Watch Google I/O 2016 Live Video Stream


How To Watch Google I/O 2016 Through Android App

Google has also introduced their 2016 app dedicated for I/O. You can get it straight from the Play Store and use it to watch the event when it starts.

Download From Play Store.

Google I/O 2016 Live Blogs

Here is a list of several websites that are covering the event live — This year Google will be holding a 360-Degree experimental YouTube live stream and also a normal live stream as a redundancy so be sure to have both pages bookmarked! The event starts at 10 AM Pacific Time today, 18th of March 2016.

If there are any more links for live-blogging (or even another source for live video stream), do share with us on your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages.

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