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How to Take Screenshots on HTC 10

HTC 10 is arguably the best smartphone the company has ever made in quite some time now. The new 10 brings in some amazing new features like a versatile front camera along with RAM that is still sold in full-scale computers. This article will, however, take a look at the multiple ways you can use the software to take a basic screenshot. Diversity in the Android smartphone market as well as different button combinations and placements results in a variety of different methods to execute a simple utility which is present on all phones. The new HTC 10 brings back the three physical button layout to make way for a fingerprint scanner. Right below we have compiled a list of detailed steps that help you in taking screenshots on the new HTC 10.

HTC’s Sense is ever present on the HTC 10. This skin is very popular among Android users and sometimes it also ends up as the sole reason why consumers go for HTC powered Android phones. Just like competitors, Sense also wants you to use the OS to capture screenshots rather than clicking on the hardware buttons. In most cases, this does provide a better alternative but in other cases, it fails. Which one will suit you? Follow along to find out.



There are two methods  to take a screenshot on HTC 10. You can take screenshots by:

  • Hardware buttons combination.
  • Setting up Quick Settings.

1. How To Take Screenshots Using Hardware Buttons:

This one is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to take a screenshot on your HTC 10. Just follow these quick steps to take one right now:

Step 1 – Open the application/screen which you want to take a screenshot of.

Step 2 – Now press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons together.

Step 3 – You will see a quick animation and hear a feedback sound that will show that a screenshot was just taken.

2. Setting Up Quick Settings To Take A Screenshot

Step 1 – Pull down the Status bar to access Notification center. Pull down once again to access Quick Settings.

Step 2 – Click on the Tablet with Pencil button (Edit). This will show you all the existing buttons as well as hidden ones which you can manually add.

Step 3 – Find the “Screenshot” button and drag it alongside the existing buttons. Click “Done” to save your changes. Now whenever you double drag your status bar, the screenshot button will be shown.

Step 4 – Go to the screen you want to capture. Double drag from the status bar, click the “Screenshot” button and voila!

— How to Find Saved Screenshots?

It’s very easy to find them. You can go to the Gallery app and look for the Screenshots folder/album. Or manually, you can go to the Pictures > Screenshots folder in your phone memory and check all the screenshots you have taken so far.

Supposedly, HTC’s alternative to buttons radically makes it easier to take a screenshot. What do you find yourself using more? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • I do not have this option “Step 2 – Click on the Tablet with Pencil button (Edit). This will show you all the existing buttons as well as hidden ones which you can manually add” When I pull down the menu for quick settings, there isn’t a table/pencil (but lots of other useless icons)

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