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Download PC Companion for Sony Xperia Devices

Sony has it’s own proprietary software, PC Companion, that you can install on your PC in order to transfer data to and from your device. Be it the newest Xperia Z5 smartphone or the new Z series tablet, each device requires you to install PC Companion before you can actually transfer files and music. Also, once you install it, all of the required drivers for your device(s) will be automatically downloaded and installed. Hence, you wouldn’t be required to install USB drivers manually. You can download the latest Sony PC Companion software from the fast download link given right below.

If you are interested in modifying your Xperia or flashing third party packages, we recommend you install PC Companion software first so that your computer successfully recognizes the Sony device connected with it and interacts correctly. With this installation, all of Sony’s Android smartphones will be covered so don’t worry if you have an old phone, this guide will work for you.


Download PC Companion for Sony Xperia Devices

Download PC Companion Software: Download Now!

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