Android Marshmallow is Still Installed On Just 0.7% Devices

Android market share for the month of January is out and it is a little bit sad to see that the Android’s latest version, the Android Marshmallow, is just installed on 0.7% of Android devices even after 3 months of its global launch.

Remember that all those devices are calculated in this result that are active and Google Play Store is accessed at least once in last 7 days. Play Store is supported on Android 2.2+ so all the versions which do not support Play Store are discarded along with all the versions with less than 0.1% market share.

Android Market Share

The Froyo is being used by 0.2% devices and the Gingerbread still isn’t dying with 3.0% devices running the blockbuster Android version. Jelly Bean’s share is 24.7% in total and Lollipop reached to 32.6% and the KitKat is on the top with 36.6% market share.

We’re hoping to see the Marshmallow go higher next month.

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