How to Make TWRP Permanent on Galaxy Tab S 10.5 T800 / T805

There is an auto recovery restore system built into stock firmwares so that after playing around with a custom recovery, you get back to stock recovery and never lose that access. However, for those who want to get rid of this, can follow the easy steps below.

Your tablet has to be already rooted to perform this. Simply rename or delete the following files from /system directory. These files overwrite the CWM recovery with the stock one.


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  1. Stuart Grant Reply

    Thanks, guys! You saved my bacon! I was fiddling around, didn’t realise I’d I didn’t have the proper recovery and soft bricked my Tab 10.5s. Thanks to your help above, I was able to get TWRP installed through recovery and am now restoring my backup. Greatly appreciated!

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