Here is a quick post on how to enter the download mode on the Samsung Galaxy E5. We have all the steps you need in order to initiate this mode without much hassle. Download Mode is also popularly known as ODIN mode. We will explain this later in the post. Do keep in mind that this mode is maintenance related. It doesn’t interfere with the day to day use and functionality of the phone. You would not be required to access this mode very often. Except for the time, when you need the features in this mode, obviously. Once in Download mode, you can connect your phone to your PC and flash a firmware. These firmwares can be updates or downgrades for your Galaxy E5. As long as you can find the exact firmwares for your variant of the Galaxy E5, you can successfully flash them through Download Mode. Here at TeamAndroid, most of our tutorials rely on this specifc feature so it is handy when you are following our guides. Furthermore, this mode doesn’t need any sort of installation, you just need to know how you can access it. All of the steps require to enter ODIN / Download Mode on your Galaxy E5 are detailed below.

Download Mode comes in handy when you want to connect your phone with ODIN, root your device or install custom recovery or any other updates or system tweaks. Getting your device into Download Mode is no big deal, but we still get questions from many readers on how to do it. In case your phone is not detected by your computer at all, please make sure you have all the Galaxy E5 USB drivers installed.


What is Download Mode / ODIN Mode?

Very few manufacturers nowadays leave the bootloader functionality of the phone unlocked. Samsung is one of those few manufacturers that allow users to access the Download Mode without any sort of unlocking. All you need to do is know the exact method to access the mode on each different Samsung phone. Like we stated before, ODIN mode or Download mode refer to the same thing.

The name ODIN comes through partner software that is to be ran on your PC before connecting your phone in Download mode – Download ODIN v3.09. This program is the sole provider of the functions you can use in download mode. Most importantly, it allows you to manually flash firmwares and different partitions of the phone. Recoveries, root packages and other custom files can be flashed through ODIN as well. All this good comes with great responsibility. You are to be very careful when flashing files through ODIN. Your phone can easily malfunction if you are not careful with it. It is highly advised you follow a tutorial with all details instead of going through the process yourself.

We wrote firmwares and not just updates because ODIN also allows you to flash old firmwares as well. You can use this feature when a new update isn’t reliable or is giving you problems that the old one didn’t. System framework gets restored but in any case (updgrade/downgrade), your data is lost.

You can access the download mode and just shut down your phone which will return you to it’s normal state. However, if you flash custom recoveries, root packages or any unofficial data, your warranty will be void. We warn you of this drawback in each of our guides pre-hand. Android 5.0 Lollipop  should be arriving very soon for the Galaxy E5. Once we get our hands on the firmware, we will publish a guide on how you can update to it using Download mode and ODIN.

NOTE: Screenshots below may be of a different Samsung device, but should have similar screen on your phone as well. The following steps can be used to enter Download / ODIN mode on the Samsung Galaxy E5 – all variants.

How to Enter Download Mode on Galaxy E5

Here is a quick step-by-step instruction on how to enter Download Mode on your Samsung Galaxy E5 phone. If this is your first time with a Samsung Android phone, follow the following carefully:

Step 1 – Turn OFF your Galaxy E5.

Step 2 – Now press and hold the following keys on your phone together: Volume Down + Home + Power.

Step 3 – After the Samsung phone name logo, you will see a screen with a warning sign as shown below. Proceed ahead by pressing the Volume Up button.

Samsung Galaxy E5 Download Mode

Step 4 – Then you will be shown a screen similar to as shown in the photo below. This is the Download Mode aka ODIN Mode for flashing firmware files using the Samsung flashing tool called ODIN.

Samsung Galaxy E5 Download Mode

That’s it. You are now in the Download Mode. If you want to get out of it, simple hold the Volume Up and Power buttons for a few seconds (around 10 sec.) and your phone will reboot normally.

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