Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Samsung Galaxy A5

In the new era of having a larger phone aka phablet than having a better phone, Samsung took a very unexpected turn with the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha. An Android phone from Samsung with premium built quality, first time ever in the Galaxy series. And soon after, Samsung announced their new line up of Android phones — the Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and the rumoured Galaxy A7 is soon to follow. We take both the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy Alpha for a detailed comparison, mostly for their technical specifications to see which one comes out to be the better phone.

Just below, you would be able to see the quick specifications comparison between the two Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Samsung Galaxy A5



Samsung Galaxy Alpha: 

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a straight answer to wide criticism given by consumers, which is, material choices by Samsung are very poor. Galaxy Alpha packs a full metal frame around the phone compared to plastic in previous flagships. This particular frame combined with the faux-leather back, gives of a much premium look and experience. Grip is easy and solid. Rolling down to specifications, Samsung Galaxy Alpha gives you a 4.7 inch display, 720p only though. By today’s standards, this truly isn’t anything ground breaking but its good enough. The small screen size accounts for the lack of resolution while Super AMOLED also helps. You should think of this phone as an experiment from Samsung to gain feedback whether it should convert from its plastic design policy, which we truly think they should. It comes equipped with an Exynos 5 Octa 5430. This means you can switch between webpages, apps, games and movies in a blink of an eye! Other hardware additions contain a finger print sensor, 12 megapixels camera and 2 GB of RAM, along with a decent battery time depending on how you use your device.  This and all mentioned previously puts the Galaxy Alpha in the mid-range category but with a slightly higher price.

Samsung Galaxy A5:

Samsung Galaxy A5 is better in some parts, but also is left behind in others. Taking a look at the plus points. 5 inches of 1080p goodness, this was really missed out in the Galaxy Alpha. Not only the screen is larger than on the Galaxy Alpha but the Pixel Density as well, resulting in a better experience overall. Camera sensors are similar, but the A5 comes with a bigger 13MP resolution. 5 megapixels on the front is a lot better than the Alpha’s 2 Megapixel front camera. Let’s see what you will loose when you choose A5 over Galaxy Alpha. The key thing while buying a smart phone is its CPU. Comparing the two primarily on these basis will show that Alpha has an advantage over the A5. A5 contains only a Quad-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 410, which is fairly good. This also directly results in the incapability of A5 in recording 4K video even though it has a 13MP camera. Other than that, most of things are identical. Both have 2 GB RAM and both have 4G support.

Bottom Line: 

Similarly designed phones with a lot in common by the same brand. What do we think? We think if you choose any of the two, you would be satisfied. Samsung Galaxy Alpha attracts with its shiny looks, 4K video capture and a beefier processor. Galaxy A5 on the other hand leaves you with a full HD 5-inch display and a better megapixels count on both the front and back end cameras. Samsung Galaxy A5 is more budget focused while the Alpha is slightly on the higher scale. Both demand less when purchased brand new compared to the Galaxy S line.

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