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How to Make ClockworkMod Recovery Permanent on Galaxy Note 3 N900

There is an auto recovery restore system built into stock firmwares so that after playing around with a custom recovery, you get back to stock recovery and never lose that access. However, for those who want to get rid of this, can follow the easy steps below.

Your phone has to be already rooted to perform this. Simply rename or delete the following files from /system directory. These files overwrite the CWM recovery with the stock one.


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  1. Nicolas Luque Reply

    Hi there, i just follow your steps, and now the Oden is running. Its stops on “SetupConnection..” and stod still there. How many minutes do take the install on Odin?

    What can i do? Just unplug de phone? Or shloud i shut it off?


    • Nicolas Luque Reply

      I Just close Odin and reboot the phone. The stock rom started ok. The cuestion is, why it get stucked in Odin¿
      Because it had to be runned as administrator? Or i have to root the phone first? Or both?

      Thanks a lot!

    • Nicolas Luque Reply

      Fixed! I Have CWM on my phone! I wasnt running Odin as Adm, thats why wasnt working. Do you have any good ROM to recommend?

      Thanks a lot!

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