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Benefits of Rooting Android Phones / Tablets

Why do people root Android phones? We will look into some of the benefits  of rooting Android phones and tablets. It’s not that people would want to give up their official one year or two years of warranty and service in just a few minutes of doing nasty things (rooting your phone) with your Android device, but there is certainly a lot more advantage of doing that.

So, again, why do people root their Android devices? The simple answer to that would be, to unlock the full potential of their Android phones and tablets, and obtain some awesome benefits as mentioned below. We want to make this very clear, no Android manufacturer wants people to root their devices. You lose your official warranty when you root your Android phone or tablet and there is always a high risk involved in getting your Android device bricked (or permanently down) if you mess around with a lot of things. Please, always be careful!

Benefits of Rooting Android Phones

Let’s take a quick look at some of the points why do Android enthusiasts like to root Android phones and tablets, even when they know this could harm their devices in several ways if done anything wrong.

Flash Custom ROMs

If your Android phone or tablet is not rooted, you wont be able to run custom ROMs. Why install custom firmware on your phone? Because they not only improve and optimize the Android system but can even give you a new UI and come with amazing features which sometimes can turn out to be really useful improvements for your Android device. your device becomes a lot faster, stable and gets a major performance boost.

Most of these optimizations and features cannot be usually installed on a default Android system since you are not allowed to modify the system files.

Overclock CPU

Just like a PC, once you have rooted your phone, you can overclock the CPU – means you can increase the processing power of your CPU to some extent. This will give you a more smoother Android experience plus if you were experiencing lag while using apps then this might help remove it. This might sound really tempting and easy to play around with, but this is very risky as it can fry your main board of the phone or the GPU.

NOTE: It is advised not to overclock too much. For example, if you have an Android phone with a 800MHz CPU, you should only overclock it to around 900MHz. Or if you have a dual-core/quad-core CPU, you should not overclock it by more than 300MHz. You also have to do some research on your device’s stable overclock limit before proceeding any further.

Move Apps from Internal Storage to SD Card

This is our favourite for budget and low-end Android phones. If you are running low on internal storage, you can move almost every app to your SD Card. This frees up internal storage for system use and makes your internal storage clean and tidy — and also allows you to install a lot more apps n your phone!

Modify System Files, Deep into Android OS

Root also allows you to explore system apps and even modify them to your specific need. This will help you to get ported features by developers on your phone and even give you the opportunity to modify yourself. Running low on space? You can delete unnecessary system apps and gather up some useful space all with rooting your phone. Tjis could be useful for budget Android phones that don’t come with a lot of internal storage.

Backup Android Phone with Nandroid

This requires you to have a custom recovery (preferably: ClockworkMod Recovery). No need to use a computer to backup Android apps, contacts and other personal data. When you root, you have the option to install a custom recovery on your phone.

This recovery allows you to install custom firmware and most importantly, you can save the current state of your Android phone or tablet using the backup option (Nandroid) there.You will be able to save every preference, setting and app right to the phone and can easily restore your things whenever you want, thus simplifying everything and making it very easy. This is what we always suggest to do before trying out a new custom ROM or a risky system tweak.

Advanced Task Managers – Save Battery

If you use a lot of apps within a day then you probably are a victim of unnecessary battery lost because all of the apps you run stay in the RAM for quite a long time even though you have closed them. This is where an advanced task managers come in. Their purpose is to kill tasks that are running in the background and always draining your battery. Once you have rooted your phone you can find several free advanced task killers that periodically clean up your RAM and help you save up battery.

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