Recovery mode in Android provides a number of additional actions that you can perform on an Android phone and tablets. You can manually install system updates, wipe data / factory reset or wipe cache partition. And if you have a custom recovery installed on your phone, you get more options to install custom ROMs, perform Nandroid backups and even modify your phone with various system tweaks.

You can access recovery mode with various methods. We prefer the hard way by running the ADB command from our computers, but there are easier methods as well. First, you can access recovery mode by pressing the key combination on an Android device (i.e. Volume Up + Power buttons) or by rebooting into Recovery Mode using an app.

Method 1: How to Enter Recovery Mode with Android App [Root Needed]

BootDroid Android App

We will be following the app method below for quickly accessing the recovery mode. It is really simple and hardly involves any steps other than installing the required app on your phone.

NOTE: This app requires root access. Do not install if you do not know what is root access. If you do not have root access, read below for method 2.

Step 1 – Download Boot Droid from Google Play Store and install it.

Step 2 – Open the app, you will see 4 options: Recovery, Bootloader, Restart, Shutdown.

Step 3 – Just tap on ‘Recovery’ and you phone will reboot into Recovery Mode automatically.

Simple, isn’t it? This is by far the easiest method to get into Recovery Mode if you do not know the exact key combinations for your Android device.

Method 2: How to Enter Recovery Mode with ADB

This is another method how you can enter recovery mode on your phone. You can use this method when you do not know the direct key combination or don’t have root access to easily enter recovery mode using the app mentioned above.

Step 1 – Make sure ADB and Fastboot is configured on your PC. How? See here: How to Set Up ADB and Fastboot with Android SDK. This is important.

Step 2 – Connect your Android device to your PC with a USB cable and install ADB drivers (if needed).

Step 3 – Navigate to android-sdk-windows\platform-tools directory and open Command Prompt (Shift + Right-click anywhere in the folder > Open Command Prompt).

Step 4 – Type in the following command and press Enter.

adb reboot recovery

Step 5 – Your Android device will turn OFF and then boot into the recovery mode. Navigate up and down using the volume keys.

If you need any help regarding this, feel free to drop us a comment below and we will reply back as soon as possible.


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  1. Really, I tried by running “adb reboot recovery” and holding volume down/up button with power button during power on. None of the method working

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  3. does the CM10 ANDROID JELLY BEAN 4.1.2 has an Arabic language ?


  4. In this two methods i try recovery mood but its not geting n recovery mode. what can i do for that plzz say how can i go to recovery mode?

  5. dělal jsem vše podle pokynů ale při zadání adb restart využití se nic nestane

  6. I have a Chinese tablet Android 4.0.3 “Unknown T05A”. The Google USB drivers did not work, but those for the Eken A10 did (Drivers Allwinner A10). As others have pointed out, the tablet will not respond to button-pressing, in fact, it will not boot up at all if any other button is pressed. Also, “adb boot recovery” simply rebooted as normal (except that my tablet apparently does a factory reset on boot). This is probably owing to an incompatibility with BusyBox, which cannot be undone, no matter how I try. Do you have any suggestio re booting into recovery mode; or anything else that may help?

  7. when i try to enter recovery mode my phone restores to factory default.
    pls help

  8. I tried and all the steps but last passed successfully. When i am giving adb reboot recover, it is again starting in normal mode.

  9. i did all the button smashing (tried holding for v long, also tried spamming), all it did was on my phone and put it in safe mode :/ x10 mini pro sk17i running on jellybean 4.0.4

    • The Awesome Gamers Reply

      go into settings, about,then start clicking buld number until developer
      options show up. Go into developer options and hit ” Enable Usb

  10. prejudice to me the volume keys do not work there a way to resurrect my cell that appears to be dead

    • The Awesome Gamers Reply

      Do method 2. as long as you can power on the device you can go into settings, about,then start clicking buld number until developer options show up. Go into developer options and hit ” Enable Usb Debugging”

  11. Dany Garrinella Reply

    Hello! My Galaxy Tab (GT P7500) is like dead. even if I keep the power button pressed for several minutes, it does not give any clue of life. I tried to plug it to my PC and to charge it. nothing happens. as you can understand, i cannot access recovery mode… Help?

  12. anashazards Reply

    Hi, ive got a Chinese Tablet with a forgotten pattern lock. Tried every multi-tool options to factory reset it or get into recovery mode!! But seems like has been dead! Any help pls.

  13. Haris Bhatti Reply

    boss i have tried evry thing,,,means evry thing,,by pressing holding buttons,, using ADB recovery,but at last my phone restarts normally,,, i cant get into recovry mode,, help me plz,,i m tired of doing evrythng,,

  14. Fântâŝy Jîhâd Reply

    hey bro, i got bootloader option…but i cann’t go recovery option..when i try to go recovery mode then sceen show me Error…but why is it ?? …i already try all methord…bt don’t enter recovery mode…plzz help me as soon as possible…i use galaxy nexus i9250…android varsion 4.1.1….plzz help me..

  15. Bala Joseph Reply

    my device is not installing this service please get me in touch. my mail id is (

  16. salve o un android asus ed e sparito il sistema operativo come posso recuperarlo.grazie

  17. Januar Hadi Reply

    aquos sbm302sh, how to enter recovery mode if screenlock failed to open. the device is doesnt have volume button and doesnt have reset button. thankyou

  18. collegando il tablet al pc non si associa perche non riesco a attivare dal tablet l’usb

  19. James Claxton Reply

    I have an HTC EVO 4G with HBOOT 6.16.1002 & Android 2.3.5. I’m having difficulty trying to upgrade it to Android Lollipop. Please help.

  20. My touchmate tablet is totally hangged when i reset it an automatic virus effected apps installed without net how can i fix my tablet

  21. i dont have any volume keys on my tablet! and its stuck at androidlogo so cant restart into safe mode. I need safe mode to disable “Simulate secondary display” (apparently that option is not working on my tablet that i bought 1 hour ago…)…… please how to start safe mode without volume keys???!

  22. Michal1111-Slovensky vlastenec Reply

    Bootdroid don´t run on my phone. The blue line is moving and moving and moving…..

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