Motorola Unlock Bootloader Service Now Available

Motorola has been promising users that they would soon allow users to unlock bootloader of their Motorola Android phones so that they can easily unlock, root, or perform other tweaks to their devices. The bootloader unlock service is now online.

Motorola unlock bootloader website is similar to how you unlock bootloader of HTC phones — not that fancy though. “Unlock My Device” can be availed by a few supported Android smartphones by Motorola Mobility. We will get to that in a bit and we are sure Motorola will add more devices in the coming days.

Motorola Unlock Bootloader Service Now Available 9

This bootloader unlock service will require you to signup for a MotoCastID in order to start the unlocking process. Motorola will give you all the instructions that you will need to perform. Photon Q 4G LTE (Sprint) is the only Motorola device supported at the moment.

“Unlock My Device” works in 4 simple steps:

  1. Overview and warnings.
  2. Device ID and unlock key.
  3. Unlock your device.
  4. Validate.

Simple, isn’t it? Motorola keeps on warnings users that performing this will void your official warranty and only you would be responsible for anything you do to your Motorola device. You will need to have the latest Motorola USB drivers in order to connect your Motorola device with ADB and fastboot. Follow our tutorial to connect your deice with both using Android SDK.

Motorola also warns its users that, after unlocking, we will be able to install unsigned software, but we may not be able to relock and return to original software. Another warning is that, unlocking bootloader will wipe your entire phone and all your apps, settings, photos and other stuff will be deleted. So make sure, you carefully backup all your data before proceeding.

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