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Android Control: Install APK, Flash Recovery, ADB, Bootloader Tool 10

We have covered several Android tools and utilities for desktops: Flashtool, Universal Android Flasher etc. Now we have another one to share with you all – Android Control. It is a free utility that helps you perform certain tasks the easy way which usually have to be performed using ADB or FASTBOOT commands.

Android Control is a multi-functional tool which makes your life with your Android device much easier. This tool is capable of doing so many things and consists of so many tools that cannot be even listed.

Android Control: Install APK, Flash Recovery, ADB, Bootloader Tool 11

This app is available on English and German languages. Let’s take a look at some of the most-needed features Android Control offers:

  • Copy files from device to pc
  • Copy files from pc to device
  • Normal restart, reboot in bootloader and reboot in recovery
  • ADB kill- and start-server, Remount and shell
  • List all on the device installed packages and uninstall, enable and disable them (good against float ware)
  • Install apk from pc (internal storage OR SD card)
  • Fix permissions
  • Flash radio image
  • Flash recovery image
  • Flash zImage (Kernel) and kernel-modules
  • Flash boot image

There are several requirements of Android Control as well to work with Android devices (specially HTC devices). NOTE: Android Control has been mainly designed to work with HTC Desire HD and other HTC  Android devices.

  • .NET Framework 3.5 (installed on your PC)
  • Drivers (HTC Sync)
  • USB Debugging turned on
  • Android Phone
  • S-Off if you want to use the flashing stuff on HTC
  • USB cable

You can download Android Control from the link given below.

Android Control: Install APK, Flash Recovery, ADB, Bootloader Tool 12

Download Android Control

You can download the tool from here: Download Android Control.


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