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Update Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus P6200 to XXLQ1 Android 4.0.4 ICS Official Firmware

Samsung has officially rolled out ICS for Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus P6200 (Android 4.0.4 XXLQ1). We do agree that Samsung tablets have a very odd naming scehme, but that is how they are. This is another one of Samsung’s 7.0-inch Android tablets. Other Galaxy devices were updated to ICS long time ago, but tablets were left out. Samsung has decided to update their tablets as well to the official Android 4.0 ICS update. You can flash Android 4.0.4 build XXLQ1 on Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus now.

As you read further, we will guide you through the entire process of how to update Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus P6200 to Android 4.0.4 XXLQ1 (Open Austria) official firmware using ODIN. Be warned, that this tutorial will wipe all your existing installed apps and personal settings. Please backup your data from the tools given below.

Update Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus P6200 to XXLQ1 Android 4.0.4 ICS Official Firmware 7

Disclaimer: All the tools, mods or ROMs mentioned below belong to their respective owners/developers. We ( or the developers are not to be held responsible if you damage or brick your device. We don’t have you on gun point to try out this tutorial 😉

Android 4.0.4 XXLQ1 Firmware Details:

Version: 4.0.4
Date: 2012-06-26
Regions: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

Make sure you have installed all your USB drivers for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus to connect it with the computer. Download Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus USB drivers! Apart from just the USB drivers, there are a few more things that you need to take care of.

1. You need to enable USB debugging mode. This helps to connect your Android tablet with the PC. See here: How to Enable USB Debugging.

2. Your tablet battery should be 80-85% charged. If your tablet goes off suddenly because of battery, during flashing ROMs or installing mods and updates — your tablet might go dead permanently. See here: How to Check Battery Percentage.

3. Backup all your important data that you might need as soon as your flash a new ROM, or make a backup for just in case, you never know when anything might go wrong. See below on how to backup data:

Data can also be backed up using Samsung KIES for their devices, but if you backup data manually, you get more options what top choose from and it is very easy to move data across Android devices from different manufacturers, i.e moving Samsung Galaxy S3 backup data to HTC One X.

4. Your tablet should be factory unlocked. Additional instructions for locked Android devices will be added in the tutorial for unlocking devices.

Now, let’s proceed with the tutorial on the next page and update Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus P6200 to XXLQ1 Android 4.0.4 ICS firmware.

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  • All my 297 applications optimized one by one and is working in my new upgrade.
    No Wifi problem yet…
    all messages and contacts are still available.
    dial pad numbers are big…
    fill a little slow processing…

    Android Version: 4.0.4
    Baseband Version: P6200XXLQ1

  • after one day working with my new android,
    1. I lost my persian support because of region settings and my persian keyboard.
    2. restart has been added to power menu.

  • I’m from the Philippines and ICS update works great.
    Only downside is i can no longer connect with Samsung Kies. It no longer recognizes my device and i cannot restore my Kies backup files on my tab.

    • I am also living in the Philippines, and samsung support told me that there was not going to be an upgrade because of browser issues, i.e., they are too lazy to debug ICS, so we are screwed. Did you buy your Tab 7.0 plus in the Philippines, or did you get it from one of the regions listed above? I don’t want to brick mine, since it is the router for my house, using a Smart SIM. Please let me know what you did, and if it is still working as you expected?

  • Thank you!

    Updated the Austria version on a Singapore P6200. It works fine…except for the following that can be improved:
    1) Bringing one app to another doesn’t create a folder (GO Launcher can).
    2) Most widgets cannot be resized (Go Launcher can).
    3) Chrome is the only browser allowing posting on FB but setting send Chrome FC. Overall Chrome is a good browser. Better than stock ICS browser imo.
    4) Clicking on the gallery in Camera mode sends the camera app FC. Small issue.
    5) Need to re-root after updating using CWM.

    • Hi Linus, Did you manage to input chinese character into this new ICS ROM? I try to find the input but no chinese…So do u have it?

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