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All-in-One tools are great. We love AIO tools which let you perform multiple tasks with just one tool. Thanks to a developer at XDA-Developers, he has created a universal Android tool for all the Android devices.

Instead of typing all the ADB, Fastboot and other misc. commands in the console, Universal Android Flasher provides you an all-in-one tool that lets you use ADB commands, Fastboot functions, unroot Android devices, install APK files and create a splash screen or just change the boot animation.

ADB, Fastboot, Unroot Android Devices, Install APK with All-In-One Universal Android Flasher 10

This Android tools is available for Windows only and is mainly for advance users who know what they are doing. We don’t want anyone trying out this tool and hurting your Android device.

Universal Android Flasher is a GUI application which performs most of the command-based tasks of ADB and Fastboot. This is an alpha application and may contains bugs like it won’t show errors, you have to determine them by looking at the shell output, but if you have connected your Android device properly and have drivers installed, you won’t run into problems!

Windows XP users: This might not work on Windows XP as you need to install .NET Framework 4.0 or higher to make it work.

Let’s proceed below to download Universal Android Flasher.

Download Universal Android Flasher

You can download Universal Android Flasher from here: Download Universal Android Flasher (Official thread)


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