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How to Verify Root Access with Root Checker

We have countless guides and tutorials on how to root Android phones and tablets with 90% success rates and most users never have any issues with the clear steps given and easily root their Android devices. However, we totally agree that there should be a way to verify that you have correctly followed the root method and your Android devices is now with root access.

Root Checker solves that problem. It is a very small Android app that will check whether your Android phone or tablet has root access or now – thus verifying if you followed all the steps correctly or not. It will also give you a quick check Superuser or SuperSU app is working without any problems on your Android device.

How to Verify Root Access with Root Checker

It is very easy to use this app with no complicated UI and buttons. We have explained a in a few simple steps how to use and verify root access on your phone or tablet with Root Checker.

Step 1 – Download Root Checker from Google Play Store and install on your phone/tablet.

Step 2 – Open Root Checker app.

Step 3 – Tap the “Verify Root Access” button.

Step 4 – Wait while the app checks for root access. If prompted with the following screen, tap the ‘Grant’ button.

Step 5 – That’s it. The results will be shown on your screen now.

If you get a message similar to the above screenshot, that means your Android phone or tablet has been rooted successfully and now you can install and use any Android app that requires root access.

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