Huawei Apps for ANY Android Phone

Huawei Cloud+

Huawei Ascend P1 is yet to launch in all the major markets around the globe. It has been only launched in selected countries, China, Hong Kong, Australia etc. We got our hands on one of the units and we were able to take out most of the Huawei apps that were custom made for Huawei’s Android phones.

You can use these Huawei apps on any Android phone and install it like any other third-party APK file. We have been able to get the Huawei Camera app, Huawei DLNA app, Huawei File Manager app, Huawei 2D Launcher (and 3D Lockscreen), Huawei Wallpapers and Huawei’s exclusive Cloud+ 16GB cloud storage app for every Huawei phone – but will now work on every Android phone!

We have posted a few screenshots and photos below of all these apps running on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus along with the download links and any added information needed.

Huawei Suite of Applications on Android Phones

Here you go. All the Huawei apps that worked on the Galaxy Nexus are posted below. If you come across any issues or problems, feel to drop a comment below with your phone make and model as well.

Huawei File Manager + Huawei Cloud+ (16GB storage)

Huawei Apps for ANY Android Phone 10

NOTE: For the Cloud+ storage to work, File Manager should be installed. SD Card option in File Manager will not work / crash on Android phones with no SD card slots i.e Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Download Huawei File Manager: Huawei-File-Manager.apk

Download Cloud+ Storage: Huawei-Cloud.apk

Huawei Camera App

Huawei Apps for ANY Android Phone 11

Download Huawei Camera: Huawei-Camera.apk

Huawei Music+

Huawei Apps for ANY Android Phone 12

Download Huawei Music+: Huawei-Music.apk

Huawei Keyboard

Huawei Apps for ANY Android Phone 13

Download Huawei IME: Huawei-Keyboard.apk

Huawei Wallpaper Chooser

Download Huawei Wallpaper Chooser: Huawei-Wallpaper-Chooser.apk

Huawei Sound Recorder

NOTE: This system app will replace your existing (default) Sound Recorder app on your Android phone.

Download Sound Recorder: Huawei-Sound-Recorder-System.apk

Huawei DLNA App

Huawei Apps for ANY Android Phone 14

Download Huawei’s DLNA app: Huawei-DLNA.apk

All of the above Huawei apps work fine on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.0.4). If you run into any problems, don’t forget to drop a comment below and we’d try our best to fix it.

And oh, if you don’t know how to install these APK files, check out the full tutorial on the next page!

You can follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to install an APK file manually in your Android phone.

UPDATE: The file hosting service does not exist anymore. All files have been deleted!

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