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How to Install Android APK on Your Phone Manually

Usually we know that Android apps can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store, and they will be installed after you hit the ‘Install’ button. But in some cases, apps are not available from the Play Store i.e country restrictions, device model limitations or a Play Store app error. You can then install that app or game manually using its APK file that you can download from anywhere online.

It may sound very easy and many of you would be already knowing this, but to most of the Android users who have never tried installing an app manually – they are always stuck at how to install apps using a APK file. You can find a step-by-step tutorial below on how to install apps manually.

Install Android APK, Enable Unknown Sources

How to Install Android APK on Your Phone Manually

Follow the steps below carefully to install an APK file using a file manager in Android phones.

Step 1 – Download the APK file in your computer. We’ll call the file as sample.apk here. If you downloaded directly on your phone, it will be in the folder called ‘downloads’ on SD card.

Step 2 – Download ASTRO File Manager from the Google Play Store on your phone. You can download any other file manager or use the one that comes with your phone, if it does.

Step 3 – Now in your phone, go to Settings > Security > scroll down and check “Unknown sources” box. Tap ‘OK” on the warning. A screenshot of that screen can be seen above.

Step 4 – Connect your phone to the PC and transfer the APK file anywhere in your SD card or phone memory.

Step 5 – Disconnect from PC and navigate through the app to your directory where the APK is transferred.

Step 6 – Tap on the APK file. A popup will show up. Now tap on the “Open App Manager” button.

Step 7 – Tap on the Install button. It will then take you to the Android installation interface where it will show you the permissions required for the app. Tap ‘Install’ again for the installation to begin.

That’s it! The application is now installed in your phone!

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