Foursquare Updates Android App: Redesigned Titlebars, New Specials and Explore UI, Photos Gallery Added

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Foursquare has just updated their Android app today, a few minutes ago. This update  brings a number of redesigned elements in the app. Foursquare has redesigned the title bar, tabs, new UI for Specials and Explore features, photo gallery redesigned and a few touches here and there.

You can now check-in to a place from a new button at the top-right corner of the app. It is better to have the check-in button up there, instead of taking space for another tab. The app looks very neat now.

Foursquare Android App

They have moved the Specials list to the Explore feature and it only shows specials from around a max. of 20km in radius. That is something we miss! I’m not able to see all the Specials in my city (not all of us live in small towns/cities) and don’t even know when a new special appears in my city on Foursquare.

I hope they would add a small no. of  specials available line at the bottom of the screen in check-in interface or anywhere else.

This app update is now live and available for download from the Android Market. [Download Foursquare Android App]

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