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How to Install Paid and US-only Apps from Android Market

Android Market has thousands of apps, but not all of them are available to users all over the world. Even Android Market itself is not available in every country and some apps are specifically targeted to US markets.

You can download those apps if you have a rooted phone. How? There is an app for that! Market Enabler is an Android app for ‘rooted’ devices that fakes a phone’s location and allows you to access Android Market from other countries.

Market Enabler - Android App

Install Paid and US-Only Apps from Android Market

Why use this? Because then you will be able to download some of the latest Google apps and other US-specific content (MySpace Android app, VEVO)  on your phone.

Market Enabler works based on reverse engineering of Android Market delivered up to 1.5.x but does work with fully works with all the Android Market updates till the one in Android 2.3.4 (I’m using it on my Nexus S).

Download Market Enabler

You can download the app from the Android Market from here: Download Market Enabler

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