YouTube Android App 2.2.14: Create Playlists, New Upload UI, Edit Videos Info

YouTube has just updated their Android app to version 2.2.14 in the Android Market and have brought a number of new features that the native Android app was missing in it. You can now create, edit and delete playlists (private or public), a new UI for videos uploading from phone has been also integrated in the app.

Apart from these changes, YouTube now lets you modify details of the uploaded videos on your YouTube (Google) account and a number of other bug fixes and performance improvements have been made. If you are considering buying youtube views for your videos now you can with the new update.

YouTube for Android app

YouTube Android App 2.2.14 is now available for update in the Android Market. It should pop up a notification in your phone about the app update being available. If it doesn’t show, no worries, it is probably making its way to your region (Android Market) now.

If you want to check out the YouTube Android app details on the Android Market website, check here. [YouTube App in Android Market]

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