Facebook Messenger for Android Launched

Facebook Messenger for Android

Facebook has just launched their Facebook Messenger for Android app. It’s a standalone messaging app for smartphones and users with an iPhone and Android phones can now chat with each other directly using the Facebook Messenger for Mobile app.

Facebook Messenger for Android looks a lot like the chat feature in the official Facebook Android app, but we believe, they just want to separate out chat from the main app so that more features can be easily introduced from Facebook Chat i.e. video calls etc.

The current release of Facebook Messenger brings group conversations, location sharing and photo uploads. You can also send chat messages to mobile contacts. This sounds more and more like other such alternatives already available i.e WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger (dying?) etc. It makes no sense, but Facebook wants to give this a try as well.

Facebook Messenger is now available for download from the Android Market.

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