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Download Nokia 2 USB Drivers for Windows and Mac

• December 23, 2017

This guide would take you through the complete process of how you can install USB drivers on PC or Mac for your Nokia 2. HMD Global announced the Nokia 2 smartphone as its most budget offering. Despite the low-price, the phone keeps up thanks to its minimal software and good hardware. As the Nokia 2 runs Android and has proprietary hardware, to transfer data to or from your computer, you would be needing official USB drivers. Thankfully, we have the USB drivers for Nokia 2 with us for both Windows and Mac. You can easily download them and install them […]

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Download Google Pixel 2 USB Drivers for Windows and Mac

• December 12, 2017

The new Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones were recently announced by Google, read ahead to download and install proper USB drivers for both phones. The newer generation of Pixel devices come with a handful of new features, new software and new design. What we like most about the new devices is the overall package. In order to make best use of your Pixel smartphone, you need to install correct USB drivers on your computer and you can do just that with our detailed guide given ahead. The instructions listed will let you install USB drivers for both […]

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Download OnePlus 5T Drivers for Windows and Mac

• November 27, 2017

Just got your new phone? Read this guide to find out how you can download and install OnePlus 5T USB drivers for both Windows and Mac. Whenever you upgrade to a new phone and shift brands, it is quite important that you install the correct drivers on your PC before connecting the new device. Each manufacturer has its own set of proprietary drivers which you need to download and install in order to properly transfer data to and from the device. OnePlus, just like others, has its own USB drivers package which can be downloaded from the link ahead. Once […]

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Download Nokia 8 Drivers for Windows and Mac

• September 16, 2017

You can now download Nokia 8 USB drivers and install them on your computer – be it Windows or Mac – through this detailed guide. Nokia 8 is HMD Global’s first high-end smartphone. Coming from three entry level budget phones, Nokia is finally competing in the big leagues now. With a unique design and practicality in mind, Nokia 8 is looking quite promising. If you have purchased the phone for yourself or are looking to receive yours quite soon, this is the guide to start from. Before you plug in your Nokia 8, it is essential that you have proper […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Drivers for Windows and Mac

• September 6, 2017

You can download and install proper Galaxy Note 8 drivers for your computer – both Windows and Mac – through this easy and simple guide. These drivers would help your computer in properly recognizing the device and also allow for seamless data transfers. Further, if you are interested in ADB and Fastboot utilities, this guide is a must for these services to work. The new flagship from Samsung packs a bunch of new hardware and tech specs in Galaxy Note 8, software features and an enhanced S-Pen. Many customers have already pre-order the phone, as reported by Samsung. If you […]

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Download Nokia 6 USB Drivers for Windows and Mac

• August 21, 2017

Download Nokia 6 USB drivers for Windows and Mac platforms. A helpful guide for new users who want to install proper drivers for their Nokia 6 phone. HMD Global has come up with an amazing lineup of Android phones which use the Nokia brand name. However, as with all Android devices, you need proper USB drivers to start transferring your data to and from the device. Once these drivers are successfully installed, your computer would properly recognize your Nokia 6 and also you would be able to start copying your files to it. Nokia 6 runs a very stock iteration […]

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Download Nokia 5 USB Drivers for Windows and Mac

• August 9, 2017

Here is a complete guide on how to download and install Nokia 5 USB drivers on your computer – both Windows and Mac OS. The new smartphones from HMD Global utilize the Nokia brand name and establish the same brand identity. With these new phones, comes proprietary new hardware. This means, for it to properly connect to your computer, you would need proper USB drivers. Gladly, we have the USB drivers available for Nokia 5 which can be installed through the guide below. These drivers would not only allow your computer to recognize the Nokia 5 smartphone but also allow […]

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