JellyTime ROM for HTC Desire C – Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean

JellyTime ROM is based on CM10.1 sources. It provides all the CM features with only minimum bugs. It is continuously being updated and is being looked upon by the developers.


ROM Features & Details:

  • JellyTime CM10.1 – R 6.1
  • Camera was inverted in R6 this fixes it.
  • Fixed Bluetooth
  • JellyTime CM10.1 – R 6.0
  • Update kernel
  • Fixed EGL Fence issue
  • Fixed Camera
  • Pulled in a few new commits
  • JellyTime CM10.1 – R 5.0
  • synced with cm
  • new features all over the place
  • stability improvements
  • JellyTime CM10.1 – R 4.0
  • Fixed FFC (Front Facing Camera)
  • Added custom background on lockscreen feature
  • updated frameworks av quite a bit
  • synced with cyanogenmod
  • camera updated
  • should fix issue some had playing certain file types like mp3s
  • added SuperSU
  • JellyTime CM10.1 – R 3.0
  • Updated Kernel to 3.0.58
  • synced with cyanogenmod
  • changed default io scheduler to sio
  • changed default cpu governor to interactive
  • Fixes issue with center clock and am/pm enabled
  • Fixes google voice search/tts
  • added call statistics to contacts
  • JellyTime CM10.1 – R 2.0
  • Added Center Clock Option
  • Changed default wallpaper to match bootanimation and graphic art
  • Updated prebuilt apks
  • bootanimation tweaked
  • JellyTime CM10.1 – R 1.0
  • Kernel 3.0.59
  • based on cm10.1 modified & compiled from source
  • cid mostly removed
  • jellytime branding added
  • jellytime bootanimation added
  • removed cm updater and cm statistics as usual
  • added nexus 4 wallpapers
  • added microbes live wallpaper
  • added nova launcher
  • added esfile

Developed by: Blindndumb
Official ROM Website:Download Now

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