Fireworm ROM for Samsung Galaxy S – Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

Fireworm ROM for the Galaxy S is compiled on the latest CyanogenMOD resources and source code with cherry picked mods. It provides a much stable 4.2.2 experience than any other. With all the stable tweaks applied and tested, this makes it the best ROMs out there.


ROM Features & Details:

  • * compiled from CM sources with cherry-picks
  • * Linaro TC
  • * compiled sqlite without sync
  • * Semaphore kernel (always ‘s’ version)
  • * ThunderBolt! main & screenstate scaling script
  • * remount script
  • * transparent incoming call
  • * compiled with a few less apps
  • * build.prop tweaks
  • * custom bootanimation
  • * disabled extra debug logging of browser
  • * Ac!d audio engine without dolby SRS, with ClearAudio+ addon
  • * Bravia engine
  • * YouTube HD
  • * VoodooEQ

Developed by: auras76

Official ROM Website: Download Now

Android Device:

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