Disaster ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 – Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

Disaster ROM is one of the few ROMs available with so much eye candy and so much features combined together. Based on LSD firmare, this ROM surely packs a punch and gives you the most out of your device.


Disaster ROM Features:

  • General & framework
  • Is based on official Italian ROM LSD
  • baseband LS8
  • kernel jeboo v1.3
  • CRT-Off (toggleable)
  • Volume Rocker mod (skip songs through volume buttons, working with all music players and with FM support) (toggleable)
  • hold back to kill
  • 5 icons on circle lockscreen
  • ripple lockscreen
  • AOSP lockscreen
  • LG like lockscreen
  • no homebutton lag
  • removed low battery dialogs
  • ink effect for ripple lockscreen
  • 4 way to reboot
  • screenshot on power menu
  • wifi AP on power menu
  • removed and disabled help text on lockscreen
  • torch on lockscreen
  • phone and mms shortcut on AOSP lockscreen
  • JobManager
  • Bypassed kill all dialog
  • Mms
  • real time stamp on received sms/mms
  • no conversion mms/sms
  • unlimited recipient
  • Phone
  • no end call delay
  • non increasing ringtone (toggleable)
  • call recording
  • SystemUI
  • Fully customizable clock (color, position, add date, am/pm)
  • Customizable clock and date actions on expanded status bar (launch actions and app u desire)
  • Customize toggles
  • Hide show toggles by settings button single press
  • Hide/show brightness bar (settings)
  • Customize battery (position, type)
  • Toggles autoscroll speed increased
  • WifiAP toggle
  • Statusbar color
  • Settings
  • .Display settings
  • DPI settings
  • Notification panel settings
  • Smart rotation toggle
  • .Lockscreen settings
  • Ripple toggle
  • ink effect
  • .Wireless
  • Smart network toggle
  • .Device info
  • Hidden “about Disaster ROM”
  • TW Launcher
  • Auto orientation toggle
  • Page loop toggle
  • Page indicator toggle
  • Scrolling Wallpaper toggle
  • Removed help texts
  • Camera
  • Sound menu for shutter
  • Volume up to take pictures
  • Volume up to start video rec
  • Volume down to save video
  • Improved media profiles

Developed by: Mirko ddd

Official ROM Website: Download Now

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