Codec ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3 – Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

Codec ROM is basically a try at the hybrid series combination. This ROM tries to combine the features of AOSP with Samsung official provided features. This actually works really works and yet this ROM still is in beta stages but the developers promises that it is soon to be a Release Candidate.

codec rom2

ROM Features & Details:

  • AOSP/Samsung hybrid Rom
  • AOSP Apps & features
  • Full customized installation with Aroma
  • Fully customizable 23 statusbar toggles and JKay style additional customizable 2nd row
  • Fully customizable statusbar clock
  • Fully customizable statusbar battery
  • Fully customizable call recording
  • 4.2 apps from the Nexus 4
  • Blacked theme
  • Rom Control (Customized CodecROM Settings)
  • OTA for Rom updates
  • More free ram
  • Hacked/Themed Multiwindow for all apps
  • Removed bloat
  • Multi language
  • Optional GNex icons
  • Fully customizable Call Recording
  • Optional No SMS in logs
  • Optional Bass Boost
  • A choice of 11 custom bootanimations
  • Modems, Kernels, Music Players, Recoveries, Keyboards, Galleries, Cameras, and many framework mods
  • Multiple ‘under the hood’ system tweaks to improve;
  • Battery
  • Speed
  • Performance
  • 3g Signal
  • Wifi
  • Media tweaks
  • Better internet speeds
  • Better streaming quality
  • as well as many other mods n tweaks
  • The Rom is now at a stage where its nearly a Release Candidate

Developed by: DSA

Official ROM Website: Download Now