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OnePlus 5 Toolkit: Unlock, Root, Install TWRP, Factory Image

• July 12, 2017

Download OnePlus 5 Toolkit which allows you to perform various functions on your phone without any knowledge of ADB / Fastboot commands. This all-in-one toolkit lets you unlock bootloader, root OnePlus 5 and install TWRP recovery on your device. OnePlus 5 was launched last month and is currently one of the most popular phone these days. OnePlus, the company, makes the most developer-friendly phones after Nexus and Pixel devices. There are a lot of custom ROMs available for OnePlus 5 but to download them, you need to unlock bootloader and root your device first. The OnePlus 5 Toolkit comes with […]

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How to Install Google Apps on Xiaomi MIUI Devices [No Root]

• July 10, 2017

In this guide, we will be telling you how to install Google Apps on Xiaomi MIUI devices. Xiaomi is known for its state of the art phones at affordable prices. The company has recently launched the Xiaomi Redmi 4X and some users are complaining about the Google Apps being missing from the phone. That is because the Chinese variant of the phone does not come with the Google Play Store app or any Google services. Xiaomi phones used to have Google Apps before, but they had to remove them from the MIUI ROM to comply with policies in China. But […]

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Download Qualcomm SW Downloader Tool (All Versions)

• July 10, 2017

Qualcomm SW Downloader tool can be easily downloaded and installed on your Windows computer through the following article. The Qualcomm SW Downloader tool is designed to flash firmwares on Qualcomm chipset phones. The good thing about these tools is the fact that they aren’t specific brand dependent rather they work on any device which supports the chipset. This, Qualcomm SW Downloader, doesn’t in fact download any firmware rather the download term is applied to the smartphone as it downloads the firmware from your computer on to the phone. You would need to find the firmware yourself before using this tool. […]

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Download Asus Zenfone Flash Tool (All Versions) – Update Phone Firmware

• June 27, 2017

Asus is still prevailing in multiple regions thanks to their budget phones with premium exteriors. You can now download the Asus Zenfone Flash tool by using the links given below. Android phones share the same basic base code but hardware brands do add their own software on top of it. This means, the release coming from these brands are proprietary and need to be flashed on specific devices only. Thanks to Asus Zenfone Flash tool, you can flash stock firmware on your Android running Zenfone. Fortunately, this Flash tool works on most Zenfones. You can download latest Asus Zenfone Flash […]

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Download Google Installer v2 for Xiaomi / MIUI Devices

• June 21, 2017

Download Google Installer v2 to install Google apps and services on Xiaomi / MIUI and other Chinese smartphones. Xiaomi, complying with Chinese policies, doesn’t ship Google Apps or GApps on its devices in China. This means you don’t get the Google Play Store app, Gmail app etc. As a workaround to this, you can download the Google Installer app. We will be linking below theĀ  Google Installer v2 app which is designed to work with all current devices and software updates. The Google Installer v2 comes as an APK which you can directly download and install on your Xiaomi MIUI […]

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Download Android SDK Tools / Command Line Tools

• June 17, 2017

Full Android Studio installation is always recommended but there are scenarios where people especially developers are interested in using only certain packages such as Android SDK and Command Line tools. Well, for them, Google offers separate packages that can be downloaded and implemented manually. The benefit of command line is the familiarity and more control. Further, if you look at the download size, these tools occupy quite less space compared with the full installation of Android Studio. We have linked the latest Android SDK tools / Command Line tools ahead which you can download and implement. The Command Line tools […]

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Xiaomi Mi 6 Drivers for Windows and Mac

• June 5, 2017

Download Xiaomi Mi 6 drivers to easily connect your phone with the computer and manage your device. The following guide will be showing you how you can properly install USB drivers for Xiaomi Mi 6 on both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. The Mi 6 from Xiaomi has proprietary drivers that you need to have installed on your system in order for your machine to properly recognize the phone. These drivers, apart from correctly recognizing, allows for proper data transfers without any malfunction and also help other programs to take advantage of the phone. You can also install Xiaomi Mi […]

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