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Download Samsung Smart Switch – Windows and Mac

• October 3, 2016

Samsung, in an effort to make the process of switching to new flagship Galaxy phones easier, announced Smart Switch application. This program allows you to shift from old phones to new Galaxy phones very easily. Also, it not only works for old Samsung phones rather it addresses almost every brand. Be it your very old BlackBerry or even your iPhone, the Smart Switch app is designed to work miraculously. Contacts, data, calendar events and media is easily synced through Smart Switch app. Read below to find download links for Samsung Smart Switch. If it wasn’t already quite helpful, the Samsung Smart Switch […]

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Download Sony Xperia Companion

• October 2, 2016

Xperia Companion allows you to tinker with your Sony Xperia Android phone and tablet directly from your Windows or Mac computer. Sony has shifted its focus towards making Android smartphones and tablets. With a large portfolio of variants, Sony needs a method to keep all of them up to date seamlessly. For this purpose, you can download Sony Xperia Companion and install it on your computer. This companion software utilizes Sony’s software standards to push updates directly to your smartphone. Also, Sony Xperia Companion serves as an all in one tool that you can utilize to backup data and sync […]

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Download HTC Sync Manager

• September 30, 2016

HTC Sync Manager can be used by multiple HTC devices in order to sync data. HTC, a brand known for pioneering Android OS, has come up with its own PC suite which provides users the ability to sync content from their phones. Some people despise the USB sort of approach by  taken by Google on Android where you simply plug in your smartphone and transfer content just like you would with a USB. HTC sets to solve that problem by not completely disabling this functionality but by providing a good alternative. You can download the latest version of HTC Sync […]

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Download LG Flash Tool (All Versions)

• September 29, 2016

You can now flash stock firmware on your LG device through this easy LG Flash Tool. The highlight feature of this LG Flash Tool is that it is now patched which means it will no longer require you to login or register. Not only that, the Flash Tool comes with full functionality. LG enthusiasts would be familiar as to how it works but for the new comers, LG Flash Tool allows you to install stock firmware on your LG smartphone. Be it one of the latest devices or something old, it will be supported by this software considering you have […]

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Download Samsung KIES

• September 28, 2016

Samsung provides Samsung KIES software to go along with all of its devices. You can now download Samsung KIES for Windows and Mac from the download links given below. This software is very handy in maintaining your device and syncing it with your computer. It checks for updates and allows you to maintain a timely sync of media and data. Furthermore, once you install the Samsung KIES suite, your PC is automatically configured with the latest Samsung USB drivers, avoiding any connection issues. Mac OS was recently added in the compatibility list whilst Windows has always been the OS of […]

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Download OnePlus 3 All-in-One Toolkit to Root, Backup, Install Drivers

• June 16, 2016

An all-in-one toolkit for OnePlus 3 is now available for download. As users look to find easier ways to root their Android smartphones and even install custom recoveries, developers are busy in releasing proprietary toolkits that do just that with simple clicks of your mouse. No longer are you needed to run full commands through the command line rather you can just input your desired task and the toolkit will do it for you. This is where a developer has released a working toolkit for the OnePlus 3. It has all the features you might want once you get your […]

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Desktop Watchmaker – Create Android Wear Watch Faces on PC

• January 26, 2016

From the ease of your desktop computer or laptop, you can now easily create and view Watchmaker faces for your Android Wear smartwatch. A recent project by Anthony Goubard has enabled all Windows, Mac and even Linux users to edit, create and view watch faces from your computer using this Watchmaker Desktop. This application is solely written on Java which is why it works simultaneously on so many platforms. It allows any user to edit Watchmaker faces. The editing is quite simple, you either download existing faces from the repository and edit them or make a face completely from scratch using […]

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