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Download Magisk 14.3 – Brings New Invincible Mode

• October 23, 2017

The popular Magisk root app just got updated to Magisk 14.3 which brings improvements and better compatibility with newer Android devices. Magisk is an upcoming root solution that is widely popular with devices that have a near to stock boot image implementation. The Magisk ZIP package is meant to be flashed through a custom recovery to gain root. Further, you can then install Magisk Manager APK to monitor root and apps using root functionality. The new Magisk version is set to support newer Android revisions and also a lot more devices. Read ahead to download Magisk 14.3 and get details […]

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Download Android File Transfer for Mac

• September 27, 2017

Android File Transfer is a files manager and explorer app for Mac to browse and transfer files between an Android device and a Mac computer. This is a free utility by Google and it works with every Android phone or tablet out there, no matter what OEM is the phone from. There are some minimum requirements to run Android File Transfer, but we will look into that later. If you need to transfer media files like music, videos or other content to and from your Android phone, this is one handy tool that is a must-have on your Mac. Moving […]

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Download DFU Flash Tool (All Versions) – Flash Broadcom Firmware

• September 25, 2017

In this article, we have download links available for all versions of DFU Flash Tool. The tool itself targets Broadcom chipset devices. It allows users to flash firmwares on compatible devices along with providing some other functionality. DFU Flash tool, however, requires you to have the correct firmware downloaded as it is only able to flash it on a certain device. Further, if you have a Broadcom device that has started glitching recently, a fresh firmware install might fix it. You can read ahead to find a feature overview of DFU Flash tool as well as the download links. What’s […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Drivers for Windows and Mac

• September 6, 2017

You can download and install proper Galaxy Note 8 drivers for your computer – both Windows and Mac – through this easy and simple guide. These drivers would help your computer in properly recognizing the device and also allow for seamless data transfers. Further, if you are interested in ADB and Fastboot utilities, this guide is a must for these services to work. The new flagship from Samsung packs a bunch of new hardware and tech specs in Galaxy Note 8, software features and an enhanced S-Pen. Many customers have already pre-order the phone, as reported by Samsung. If you […]

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Download Nokia 6 USB Drivers for Windows and Mac

• August 21, 2017

Download Nokia 6 USB drivers for Windows and Mac platforms. A helpful guide for new users who want to install proper drivers for their Nokia 6 phone. HMD Global has come up with an amazing lineup of Android phones which use the Nokia brand name. However, as with all Android devices, you need proper USB drivers to start transferring your data to and from the device. Once these drivers are successfully installed, your computer would properly recognize your Nokia 6 and also you would be able to start copying your files to it. Nokia 6 runs a very stock iteration […]

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Download Nokia 3 System Dump

• August 20, 2017

We have pulled the system dump of Nokia 3 and you can download it from the link ahead. The Nokia 3 smartphone is part of HMD Global’s 2017 Android smartphone lineup. It is an entry level phone which you can buy right now from Nokia. It runs Android 7.0 Nougat software with one of the most cleanest UIs available in the market right now. Our favourite point is that these new Nokia phones run on complete stock Android. No modifications or customizations! The system dump from Nokia 3 carries all the system files so modders / developers can use it […]

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Download Android Flashable ZIP Creator – Backup Apps, System Files

• August 8, 2017

For users who flash a ROM quite often, Android Flashable Zip Creator is a must-try. With each install of a ROM, users usually wipe there data and then proceed to re-install that. In the re-installing part, apps, mods, bootanimations and other miscellaneous things are required to be manually installed one by one. This is quite a time consuming process. Developers recognized that and created this Android Flashable Zip Creator which basically groups all of your needed apps, mods, bootanimations, fonts and more into one single Zip which can be flashed after a new ROM flash. Read further to find out […]

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