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Samsung Galaxy A5 2017: Unboxing and First Impressions

• March 6, 2017

Samsung has refreshed its Galaxy A series line for this year, we will be taking a look at the Galaxy A5 2017 in this post. The full review is to come very soon but before that, we will be doing this unboxing experience and first impressions article. Right off the bat, the phone is built quite well with premium materials all over. Some new additions for this year’s iteration include an IP68 Dust and Water resistance and also a USB-C port. Let’s discuss more about the Galaxy A5 (2017) below. The new Galaxy A5 (2017) from Samsung fits nicely between […]

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Samsung Galaxy A7 2017: Unboxing and First Impressions

• March 4, 2017

Samsung has come out strong after the Note 7 mishap with the new Galaxy A series 2017. We will be taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) and its unboxing experience in this article. Up front, the phone is renewed with a more refined design compared with yesteryear. Not only does the phone now ship in more color schemes, it has an IP68 Dust and Water resistance. This is just one of the many features this phone resembles with expensive flagships from Samsung. The Galaxy A7 (2017) also ships with a USB-C port. If you ignore the Note 7, […]

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iDroid Balr X7 Review

• February 27, 2017

A complete smartphone for less than PKR 10,000 (100$) is an impossibility? Absolutely not with the new iDroid BALR X7! The smartphone industry has undergone this recent change where it has shifted its focus from expensive flagships to more efficient and cheaper smartphones. Prime examples are already thriving in the market and this new addition from iDroid is bound to have similar fate. The smartphone comes from a brand started of in the USA. The BALR X7 is the most cheapest smartphone the brand offers and also the most advertised one. We will be detailing the iDroid BALR X7 in […]

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Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime Review

• November 29, 2016

The J series from Samsung has experienced an end of year overhaul with the new Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime. This mid-tier smartphone sure packs a punch with its premium exterior and software features that were previously present on high end flagships. The phone itself is targeted towards the budget market and an audience which wants a phone that is good enough to run day to day tasks. The Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime sure does promise a lot, let’s see how it holds up in usage. In the price bracket where the J5 Prime is present, there isn’t a lot being […]

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Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Review

• November 13, 2016

Samsung has yet again released another budget class smartphone, the new and improved Galaxy J7 Prime. Previously, we had the Galaxy J7 (2016) which was a budget class smartphone accompanied with a large screen. Users have generally moved from sub 5 inch screens to larger sized ones. The J7 Prime boasts a 5.5 inch panel and is set to replace the 2016 iteration. Budget being the keyword with the J series, Samsung has tried to provide the best experience possible while retaining the series’ philosophy. Putting the phone through its paces, has Samsung nailed it with the J7 Prime? Let us remind […]

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Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime: Unboxing and First Impressions

• November 5, 2016

Samsung has announced the Galaxy J7 Prime as the successor to the Galaxy J7 (2016) released months back. The new phone is being sold by Samsung in multiple markets right now and fortunately, we have one with us for review. We have the Pakistani variant with us but as it complies with international variant standards, the unboxing experience is expected to remain the same throughout. The full review is in the works and will be published soon but till then, you can read this Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime unboxing post. The contents of the box have been displayed below with the […]

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

• April 8, 2016

Samsung took the best bits out of their last year’s flagship and turned it into the fantastic Galaxy S7 Edge. This latest package comes with a similar curved display and fits well in a normal sized phone, even though some may call the phone a phablet, but we still think this is the ‘new’ perfect size for having a smartphone. Let’s just get one thing straight – we love the phone. And we want you to buy it. This is the one flagship you are looking to buy right now. Why? Is it the gorgeous display screen, the bigger battery […]

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