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Moto E4 Plus: Unboxing and First Impressions

• October 28, 2017

Here is the complete unboxing experience for the new Moto E4 Plus smartphone. Lenovo has officially started to sell Motorola phones in Pakistan and one of the very first phones to be sold include the Moto E4 Plus. This budget friendly smartphone comes with some exciting features and a delightful design. In this post, we will be looking at the full unboxing of the smartphone along with it, we will share some of our first impressions. A full in-depth review would be published quite soon in which we hope to cover all benchmarks, statistics and overall capabilities of the Moto […]

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Moto E4 Plus Review – Design, Hardware, Camera and Software

• October 25, 2017

A brand that practically started the budget category in modern smartphones has announced their newest addition, the Moto E4 Plus and we will be taking an in-depth look at it now. Motorola started off entering the smartphone world by creating the Moto G, one of the most popular budget smartphones to date. Now, as they have grown as a brand, the lineup has grown as well. The Moto G has now gone up in price but in order to still cater to people that bought the original Moto G, Motorola has this new lineup called the Moto E. The new […]

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Nokia 6 Review

• August 31, 2017

Nokia’s immediate 2017 Android smartphone lineup consists of three budget focused phones, the most expensive yet the most feature packed is the Nokia 6. We will be taking an in-depth look as to how the Nokia 6 performs and importantly, how does it fare against the current offerings from other manufacturers. HMD Global is the company that is now using the Nokia brand name. The brand is focused upon releasing great Android smartphone hardware. They have a few things figured out which they focus on, such as the software and user experience. By the looks of it, they have also […]

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Nokia 5 Review

• August 23, 2017

Nokia 5 from HMD Global has been with us for some time now, read ahead to find out what we think about it. HMD Global, the company eligible to use the Nokia name has come up with an amazing 2017 Android smartphone lineup. The lineup, till now, consists of 4 phones. The budget focused Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. Whereas, the Nokia 8 competes directly in the flagship race. We previously reviewed the Nokia 3 which you can read here: Nokia 3 Review. In this article, we will be looking at whether the Nokia 5 is a great […]

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Nokia 6: Unboxing and First Impressions

• August 20, 2017

This is our full Nokia 6 unboxing of the phone. Nokia 6 smartphone is part of HMD Global’s 2017 Android phone lineup and we have it with us for review. In this article, we will take you through the unboxing experience of the Nokia 6 and also inform you about what our initial impressions are. The Nokia 6 was the most expensive phone in the lineup but relatively, it was still competing in the budget range. Recently, HMD Global announced the new Nokia 8 which will be competing in the flagship market. Now that we have established what is expected […]

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Huawei Y7 Prime Review

• August 19, 2017

Huawei, a brand known for offering great Android budget smartphones, has come out with the Y7 Prime. This new smartphone from Huawei places itself in the realms of large screen size phones hence the name Y7 Prime. You can also purchase it in a smaller size which is known as the Huawei Y5 (2017). We were lucky enough to have the Y5 2017 with us few months back, you can read about our detailed review for it right here: Huawei Y5 (2017) Review. The new Y7 Prime comes with a subtle design and all metal back. There is an inclusion […]

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Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Review

• August 19, 2017

The Galaxy J7 Pro from Samsung comes as a sequel to the successful Galaxy J7 Prime from last year for which you can read the review here: Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Review. The J series places itself below the slightly expensive A series. As the A series lineup has couple of phones, the J series has a similar standing. We have with us the higher-end Galaxy J7 Pro which is a step above from the J5 Pro. Offering a 5.5 inch screen, it is on the larger side of smartphones. With this segment of smartphone offerings going ever so quickly, […]

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