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Give Artistic look like Prisma to your Videos using Artisto Android App

• August 14, 2016

For all those photography geeks who loves their phone camera and try to experiment new things to capture the world’s beautify. There is another just like Prisma but this time for videos only. For those, who don’t know about Prisma, it is Artificial Intelligence assisted app that helps you automatically generate artistic photos on your phone. Artisto is a free app, that does the same but with videos. It is available for free download on Google Play Store, Artisto turns your videos in to AI generated 10 seconds artistic videos which looks really amazing. Though in our experience we found […]

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Backup your SMS using SMS Backup and Restore on Android

• June 27, 2016

As we are becoming more and more dependent on smartphones we are more vulnerable than ever. All of our data about us is now stored on these tiny yet powerful devices. Due to which we have to protect our data or just in case make backup of it so we can easily move to another device. Unfortunately, unlike iOS there is no option to automatically backup your data or messages. Sms Backup and Restore is a free android app available on Google Play Store for android users. Which helps you to easily backup your messages and store them as file […]

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Share your files and personal data with anyone using Send Anywhere

• June 26, 2016

We carry a lot of data and person files such pictures, videos, documents or application on our mobile phone because of the vast storage. As android platform is growing more and more devices with GBs of storage are coming. Most of us now carry smartphones for day to day use but not everyone has same kind or platform smartphone which create problems for file sharing. With Send Anywhere, available on Play Store for free, you can share any file or any size with virtually anyone in the word. Whether the receiver has different devices or even don’t have smartphone they […]

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Give artistic look and feel to your photos using Vivv App

• June 25, 2016

Android is growing platform with millions of users and devices which are actively growing. Mobile devices are now becoming more powerful and replacing our cameras as well as desktops. We can now do most of the work on our phones and now with bigger screen most of don’t need a computer to work with. As the cameras are getting better and better the mobile phone photography is evolving too. Some people are used to take photos with the stock apps but some of wants somethings more. There are many apps which fulfil the purpose. Vivv is a new android app […]

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Naptime: Extend your battery by tweak the Android Doze

• June 13, 2016

Google is now putting effort to optimize Android OS as much as possible to compete with Apple eco-system. Before that, android was popular for the ability to customize it as you want. But the freedom resulted in battery drain and unstable android phone. Google’s new feature Doze introduced in Android Marshmallow (6.0) allows the phone to minimize the background activities to save battery when phone is not being used. Unfortunately, Doze takes about two hours to kick in and will be turned off as soon as your phone moves. Which is not quite handy. To overcome, this problem Naptime allows […]

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Wallmax: Thousands of Wallpapers for Android Phones and Tablets

• June 4, 2016

We have previously mentioned about Backdrops Wallpapers app which provides hundreds of premium wallpapers for free designed by designers and updated daily. Looking for some more similar apps we have found Wallmax a free android app which is source of thousands of high quality (4K) Wallpapers. Made by AlphaWolf this app features wallpapers from (wallpapers website). This app is available to download for free from Google Play Store. The design of the app is simple and beautiful without any excessive options. All you have to do is search for the Wallpaper you like and set it as you homescreen […]

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Yahoo Aviate Launcher: Android Home Screen Replacement

• May 29, 2016

Aviate Launcher by Yahoo is the most intelligent and sophisticated android launcher for your phones and tablets. If you are tiered of your stock home screen launcher and looking for a fresh and powerful one. Then this may be the best one. Aviate is available for free form Google Play Store for Android Phone and tablet. If you are heavily into android customization and only have android phone because of the free Android OS provides then you will be aware of the how badly this can effect on your phone. Unlike other launchers, Aviate is light weight and battery optimized. […]

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