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Google Reader Updated: News Look & Feel, Tablet Support

• August 17, 2011

Google Reader app on Android has just got an update. The app now is fully compatible with Honeycomb tablets and has been optimized for them. The app also features a new look and feel to it. You now have the app in two panes in a tablet. On the left side, you see the folders and feeds – and the right side, you see the full RSS content. Just like the web version, eh?

Google Maps for Android 5.9: Transit Navigation Notifications, Bubble Buttons, Tablet Support

• August 17, 2011

Google Maps has just received a new update which brings a number of new features and the version has gone up to Google Maps 5.9. You can now set custom notifications (vibrate, voice, ringtone) for Transit Navigation in the Google Maps app. Transit Navigation (beta) has also finally made it to Honeycomb tablets. And the best feature, the bubble buttons are back as a Google Maps Labs feature.

Facebook Messenger for Android Updated: Fixes Startup Crashes, Less Memory Usage

• August 12, 2011

Facebook Messenger for Android has just received its first update, bringing nothing new but just a few small bug fixes. This is just a minor update. The first version of Facebook Messenger for Mobile was released on Android two days back. If you take a look at its reviews in the Android Market, everyone is already saying that the Facebook Messenger app is way better than the official Facebook for Android app.

Foursquare Updates Android App: Redesigned Titlebars, New Specials and Explore UI, Photos Gallery Added

• August 12, 2011

Foursquare has just updated their Android app today, a few minutes ago. This update¬† brings a number of redesigned elements in the app. Foursquare has redesigned the title bar, tabs, new UI for Specials and Explore features, photo gallery redesigned and a few touches here and there. You can now check-in to a place from a new button at the top-right corner of the app. It is better to have the check-in button up there, instead of taking space for another tab. The app looks very neat now. They have moved the Specials list to the Explore feature and it […]

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Facebook Messenger for Android Launched

• August 9, 2011

Facebook has just launched their Facebook Messenger for Android app. It’s a standalone messaging app for smartphones and users with an iPhone and Android phones can now chat with each other directly using the Facebook Messenger for Mobile app. Facebook Messenger for Android looks a lot like the chat feature in the official Facebook Android app, but we believe, they just want to separate out chat from the main app so that more features can be easily introduced from Facebook Chat i.e. video calls etc.

YouTube Android App 2.2.14: Create Playlists, New Upload UI, Edit Videos Info

• August 9, 2011

YouTube has just updated their Android app to version 2.2.14 in the Android Market and have brought a number of new features that the native Android app was missing in it. You can now create, edit and delete playlists (private or public), a new UI for videos uploading from phone has been also integrated in the app.

The Next Google Search for Android App Released, Accidentally!

• August 8, 2011

Google Mobile Blog accidentally published – and then removed – a post about the next version of their Search app for Android. They are bringing a host of new features to improve the search experience directly from your Android phone. It is not as if Google accidentally released the actual Google Search for Android app, but atleast we now know what features the new app will have and I can’t wait to try it out on my own phone!

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