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Download Google Play Store 9.1.23 APK for Android Phones

• March 5, 2018

Get the newest Google Play Store 9.1.23 APK and install it on your Android device with the guide ahead. This new revision brings the Play Store up to revision number 9.1. Changes included in this update include a more efficient code base, update Play Security and general performance improvements. Just like you would expect, Google Play Store plays quite a vital role in the day to day functioning of any Android device. From managing updates to scanning new app installs, the app does it all to ensure a delightful experience for the end user. You can get the latest Google […]

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Download Pixel 2 Camera for OnePlus 5T

• March 4, 2018

You can download and install the Pixel 2 camera app with ARCore and AR Stickers, all running great on the OnePlus 5T phone. This greatly improves the OnePlus 5T camera capabilities and gives the phone several new features to play with. Developers, recently, have ported the Pixel 2 Camera app fully to the OnePlus 5T. This new app brings a large amount of Pixel 2 camera functionality to the OnePlus 5T including the infamous portrait mode. Further, other aspects such as the AR stickers have been successfully ported as well. The stock camera app on the OnePlus does a really […]

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Download FlashFire 0.70 – Flash Firmware From Your Android Device

• March 2, 2018

Here is a guide on how to download FlashFire 0.70 app utility for your Android device. Ever wondered if there is a procedure through which you can flash firmware on your Android device without using a PC? Well, now you can with the new FlashFire app. This app allows you to download OTA packages for your device straight to its internal storage and then flash them right off your phone. Otherwise, normally, you would download the whole firmware package on your PC and then use suitable software like ADB to flash it to your phone via your PC. This app […]

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Download Blurone App – Create Wallpapers with Blur Effect

• February 14, 2018

Ever tried to add blur effect to an image for a soft wallpaper? Well, now you can do exactly that with the Blurone app for Android. Rather than going for a heavy duty photo editor either on your computer or on your Android device, easily apply blur effect to any photo or image you want with this app. The main purpose by the developers behind this, was to let users create their own soft focus wallpapers. Apart from wallpapers, Blurone also allows you to create custom resolution images with the blur effect applied. This comes in handy when you want […]

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Download Xiaomi Mi A1 Launcher APK for All Android Devices

• January 21, 2018

Test out the latest Xiaomi Mi A1 launcher on your current device with the guide ahead. Xiaomi’s Android One device, the Mi A1, comes with a slightly modified yet very close to stock launcher which you can easily download and install on your current device. Thanks to AmirZ, the launcher has been extracted from the original phone and after modifying it, it has been repackaged for every Android device to utilize. This utility is targeted more towards users who are running a highly skinned UI provided by their OEM. After you install this launcher, not only would you get the […]

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How to Set Up Auto Responses for WhatsApp with AutoResponder App

• January 16, 2018

Here is a detailed yet easy to follow guide on how to set up auto responses and auto replies on WhatsApp. Facebook’s mobile messaging app is continuously growing with more and more users signing up each day. Just as it is growing, managing it has become somewhat cumbersome. For users who are managing businesses through WhatsApp or get enough messages in a day that they can not simply address them all, we have quite a solution! You can easily set up auto replies on WhatsApp with the AutoResponder app. You don’t require root or any modification to utilize the app. […]

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Download APKUpdater, Install Apps without Google Play Store Services

• January 2, 2018

Using APKUpdater Android users can now download Android apps and update them without actually using the Google Play Store. Most of us are used to downloading updates on your Android phones and tablets using Google Play but there are few regions where Play Store is not yet supported or devices do not ship with Play Store services needed to perform such actions. Examples include, Chinese devices from manufacturers like Xiaomi or Huawei do not contain Play Services making difficult for users to download apps and keep them updated. For this reason, XDA developer Rumboalla, created an app that allows users […]

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