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Save Mobile Data and browse faster using Opera Max for Android

• March 11, 2016

Opera max aims to reduce your mobile data usage by optimizing the data before sending to your mobile so you can browse more in less bandwidth. Internet is becoming part of everyday life and almost every smartphone owner needs internet to connect to social networks, check emails or browse simple web. But mobile data is becoming expensive and limited due to which most of us try to slow down our internet usage. Opera Max uses Opera technology used in browsers to server the optimized content faster to user which not only helps saving megabites of data but also spend less […]

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PhotoDirector: Powerful Android Photo Editor

• February 26, 2016

We previously covered various apps including camera and photo editing which can help a normal to professional users to capture perfect pictures. PhotoDirector aims to provide you the most powerful editing tool on your Android devices. PhotoDirector is alternative to Photoshop by most popular company CyberLink. PhotoDirector has various set of tools and option to perfectly and quickly edit your photos or selfies for the right moment. You can create photos overlays, removal of unwanted object from your images, auto adjust, apply filters, color saturated photos and collages all in this free app. With PhotoDirector, you can enhance and apply […]

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Download and Install Latest Google Play Store 6.2.10 App

• February 18, 2016

Google Play Store was just recently updated and the newest 6.2.10 version has started rolling out to users all over the globe. The new update brings in bug fixes which were reported by users along with new enhancements. Keeping your Play Store up to date is a very good idea as it avoids any compatibility issues or issues with search. Also, the new Play Store further refines its functionality¬†by splitting into two parts, App & Games and Entertainment. Apps & Games section solely provides you with full fledged apps whereas in the Entertainment section of the store, you can easily […]

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MusixMatch: Listen any music on your phone with lyrics

• February 18, 2016

For those who likes to enjoy music and listens to a vast variety of the songs Musixmatch is the app which help you quickly find lyrics of the music you are listening. Most of times we would like to share the music lines or hum the song while listening for which we need lyrics. MusixMatch allows you to quickly fetch the lyrics of the song you are listening and share them anywhere you want. It is available on Google Play Store for android phones and tablets. One of the best feature of this app is Share lyrics, which helps you […]

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ProShot Camera App for Android

• February 12, 2016

Having a camera with a really amazing camera does not mean that everyone can capture great photos. Most of times the auto settings of most stock camera apps in phone are not capable enough. You have to manual set you mobile camera setting to get the best out of it. But not most stock camera apps comes with advanced features just like DSLR provide to capture photos. ProShot for android aims to provide DSLR like feature set for Android phones and tablets to capture the perfect moments with manual settings. ProShot comes with 4 camera mods which allows you to […]

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Track TV Show Episodes using Series Guide App

• February 9, 2016

You may be like watching TV shows like me in the free time. This may often end up in watching too many regular TV Shows just to pass your day. One or Two shows does not hurt your schedule and are easy to remember when their next episode will air. But if you are TV freak and like stream different TV shows in a week then you probably need this little handy app which will help you track all the upcoming episodes of the tv shows you watch. Series Guide is a free android available on Google Play Store for […]

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Google Keep: Free Reminder App from Google

• February 6, 2016

Reminders are now important part of daily life. Everyone nowadays is in pursuit of powerful reminder app which allows them to quickly add reminders and then reminds them at the right time. Well most of us knows about paid applications such as Wunderlist or Evernote but very few of us knows about Google Keep. Google keep is a free app which is now whole new better thanks to iOS and Web version of Google keep now you can truly enjoy powerful yet minimal reminder app. Google keep was lost due to it’s limited features and availability only on Google Android. […]

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