Root ZSUBNB1 Android 4.3 on Galaxy S3 I9300 Official Firmware

We expect you have recently updated to the latest ZSUBNB1 Android 4.3 for the Samsung Galaxy S3 I3900, and must have noted that after you have updated, your ability to install root apps and run root commands is now gone. Fortunately, we have a easy solution to get back root access on your phone. Before you […]

Install ZSUBNB1 Android 4.3 on Galaxy S3 I9300 Stock Firmware

ZSUBNB1 Android 4.3 firmware update has just been released for the Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 in Hong Kong region. This firmware is based around Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and is here to address the bugs without any major update. Samsung is following up the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S3 I9300 very well, with almost […]

Update Galaxy S3 I9300 to Android 4.4.2 KitKat crDroid Custom ROM

crDroid custom ROM is based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat and CyanogenMod 11 (CM11) with a whole lot of more goodies built into the firmware. You can change the transparency of the status bar and can also change the colours according to your wish.You can also manage the brightness of your screen through the status bar […]

Root XXUGNB6 Android 4.3 on Galaxy S3 I9300 Official Firmware

Most of you might have updated to the latest firmware – XXUGNB6 Android 4.3 – after you have updated, you lose your previous root access for using root apps and running root-level system commands. Fortunately, Samsung devices incline to be easier to root. You should know that when you root, you are voiding your warranty. […]

Install XXUGNB6 Android 4.3 on Galaxy S3 I9300 Stock Firmware

Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 XXUGNB6 Android 4.3 firmware can now be downloaded. This new Jelly Bean firmware was released soon after the previous XXUGNB5 Android 4.3 build that was just released a couple of days back. Samsung seems to be very actively fixing out bugs and making minor changes with frequent firmware releases in several regions. I9300XXUGNB6 is […]

Root XXUGNB5 Android 4.3 on Galaxy S3 I9300 Jelly Bean Official Firmware

As you all know, Samsung recently released the XXUGNB5 Android 4.3 build for Galaxy S3 I9300 so we decided we cover the complete Rooting method as well. Samsung devices tend to be easier to root using ODIN and we will be doing the same for XXUGNB5 Android 4.3 update. It should be in your knowledge […]

Update Galaxy S3 I9300 to XXUGNB5 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Official Firmware

Samsung has announced yet another Jelly Bean update – XXUGNB5 Android 4.3 – for the Galaxy S3 I9300. We are expecting a Kit Kat update pretty soon but there is no official word from Samsung yet. This is a branded firmware so you might be able to observe some extra system app additions and even extra […]

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