Install myONEv RC2.1 Custom ROM on HTC One V

myONEv custom ROM packs great features with super fast performance and really good battery life. HTC One V stock firmware could get slow at times and has a few small bugs here and there, but myONEv fixes all those and provide you with a very stable custom ROM. HTC One V should be rooted and have a custom recovery, like ClockworkMod recovery, install on the phone before trying any of the steps below.

Update HTC One V with CM9

HTC One V is a low-end phone by HTC, but still offers great features at a low price. You can now install CM9 on HTC One V. CyanogenMod 9 rolled out RC1 version of CM9 a few days ago, but HTC One V was not in the list at that time. Now One V users can get a taste of CM9 as well. CM9 for HTC One V is still in alpha stage, which means there are going to be lots of bugs and crashes and problems. This ROM may not be a daily usage ROM, but you can atleast […]

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How to Root HTC One V with Superboot

HTC One V is another smartphone from the HTC One series which was recently announced at the MWC last month. Do you like installing custom ROMs and installing.modding your phone for various other tweaks? Start with rooting your HTC One V! Continue reading below and carefully follow our guide. It is not very difficult. A tiny notice that I’m sure you must be knowing as well. Rooting your Android phone will void your warranty, but then you would be able to enjoy your favourite root apps i.e Titanium Backup.

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