Aquila Messenger: Twitter Messaging App for Android

Aquila Messenger is a messaging app just for Twitter. Yes, you read that right. Twitter never made a separate app for their Direct Messages section, but a junior member at XDA-Developers has created an amazing looking app just for messaging to your Twitter contacts. Aquila Messenger is a beautiful app with colourful UI, nice animations and provides a smooth experience to anyone who uses Twitter a lot just for messaging purposes.

The official Twitter client comes with messaging support, but Aquila Messenger cuts down on the extra features of Twitter and only keeps the Direct Messages (DM) part. This is still an unreleased app and may be unstable for many Android phones. It worked great for us though!

Aquila Messenger for Twitter

Once you connect the app with your Twitter credentials, Aquila Messenger takes a moment to sync up all your existing messages and your Twitter followers (contacts). It hardly takes a minute!

Aquila Messenger comes with multi-account support, so if you manage multiple Twitter accounts and use them often for DMs, then this app is for you. It supports all media formats used on Twitter i.e. pictures, videos, GIFs etc. And for those who like to customize, you can easily change the theme of the app, bubble colours and notifications for the app (per friend as well).

Some notable features include:

  • Multi-account support for Twitter
  • Who’s online status?
  • Media ready for pictures, videos and GIFs
  • Fully customizable

The app has really nice animations and the Material Design on it makes it all the more beautiful. There has been no performance issues for us either which makes the app buttery smooth.

Download Aquila Messenger for Twitter

You can download Aquila Messenger for Twitter from the Google Play Store: Download Aquila Messenger.

NOTE: This is currently an unreleased app and may be unstable for you on your Android device.