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Google has kicked-off I/O 2017 with its standard keynote presentation earlier yesterday. What didn’t make it to the first presentation was the new Android Studio 3.0 Preview 1 release. As Google announced there new programming language Kotlin, it was only right that the brand also release an IDE to go along with it. Android Studio 3.0 will be catering the Kotlin language along with allowing developers to kick start development for Android O, the upcoming major Android release. This is one of the few major changes Android Studio 3.0 Preview 1 will be carrying, read further to find more details. However, you need to keep in mind that this is a preview build meant to be tested with and to be installed alongside your stable implementation. Read below to find out how you can download Android Studio 3.0 Preview 1.

The Android Studio 3.0 Preview 1 will be available on the Canary build channel. As it is a work-in-progress, you should expect few bugs here and there. The stable Android Studio 3.0 build will arrive later this year. On to the changes with this upgrade, you can read about them in detail right below.

Android Studio 3.0 Preview 1 – Features:

Here are the key highlights of the new features being introduced in Android Studio 3.0 Preview 1:


  • Kotlin Programming Language – By popular request, Android Studio 3.0 now includes support for Kotlin. With this new language support, you can seamlessly add Kotlin code next to your existing Android app code and have access to all the great development tools found in Android Studio. You can choose to add Kotlin to your project using the built-in conversion tool found under Code → Convert Java File to Kotlin File, or you choose to create a Kotlin enabled project with the New Project Wizard.
  • Java 8 Language features – We are continuing to evolve the support for Java 8 language features and APIs. With the recent deprecation of the Jack toolchain and migration to the javac based toolchain, you have access to features such as Instant Run for projects using the Java 8 language features in Android Studio. To update your project to support the new Java 8 Language toolchain, simply update your Source and Target compatibility levels to 1.8 in the Project Structure dialog.


  • Instant App Support – With Android Studio 3.0, you can create Instant Apps in your project. Instant Apps are lightweight Android apps that your users can immediately run without installation. To support this, Android Studio introduces two new module types: instant app and feature. Combined with a new “Modularize” refactoring action and the App Links Assistant, Android Studio can help you extend your app into an Instant App. To use you can use the New Module Wizard or right-click on a class and navigate to: Refactor → Modularize.

Test & Debug

  • Google Play System Images – Along with the update to the Android O Beta release, we updated the Android Emulator O system images to include the Google Play Store. Bundling in the Google Play store allows you to do end-to-end testing of apps with Google Play, and provides a convenient way to keep Google Play services up-to-date in your Android Virtual Device (AVD). Just as Google Play services updates on physical devices, you can trigger the same updates on your AVDs.

Download Android Studio 3.0 Preview 1:

You can follow the given official link to download Android Studio Preview 1:

We will soon be posting a complete guide on how to install Android Studio 3.0 Preview 1 so stay tuned. Also, if you are looking to install Android O Developer Preview on your computer, read: How to Set Up Android O Preview Emulator on Android Studio 2.4.

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