MEGA for Android – Download Unofficial App

Mega for Android, an unofficial Android app for the much-hyped about cloud storage service is now available for download. MEGA gives you about 50GB of free cloud storage space to store your files, data and other media. It is a relatively new service and it has been announced that the team is working on an Android app as well. Meanwhile, a developer has released MEGA Android app that does almost everything that you would want the official app to do.

This free app lets you upload files to your MEGA account, download them, search or browse your files, share, delete, rename, move etc. — this is almost like an official Android app. This app works on devices with Android 2.3 and above and comes with the beautiful Holo interface.

MEGA for Android


Here are a few words from the developer about the MEGA app:

MEGA App for Android is a native Android interface to the MEGA service. It allows you to browse your files, upload and download, search and more.

Although we tried to get as much functionality into this app as we could, and tested it to the best of our ability, this is an early beta. There are going to be bugs. Please let us know if you discover any bugs or think of features you’d like to see, and we’d be glad to fix them for you.

MEGA for Android Features:

Like we mentioned earlier, this app comes with almost all the basic functionalists that an app for a cloud storage service should have. Here is a complete list of current features as mentioned by the dev:

  • Browse your MEGA storage account
  • Upload and download files to your Android device
  • Search for files within your MEGA account
  • Share and download MEGA links
  • Delete files
  • Rename files
  • Move files
  • Create folders
  • All within a modern Android interface

Download MEGA for Android

You can download this app from the Google Play Store here: Download MEGA for Android.

We’d now leave for you to explore out this app. To be honest, this app is very simple and has an easy/intuitive interface with no complicated menus. This app is a must-have for anyone who has recently signed up on MEGA as his primary cloud storage service and also happens to own an Android device.