Samsung Galaxy S IV GT-I9900 Benchmark Results Spotted on NenaMark

Look what did we just found! Samsung Galaxy S IV GT-I9900 benchmarks on NenaMark. It looks like JK Shin, Lee Kun Hee (or probably someone else) at Samsung is playing around with several prototypes of the Galaxy S4, that is expected to be out in the next couple of months. No specification details or photos are out yet, but we are still happy to see that the Galaxy S4 is a live device and under testing at Samsung.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S IV – PROTOTYPE 08 and SAMSUNG GALAXY S IV – PROTOTYPE 24, with product models as GT-I9900 is what NenaMark says about this device. There are several speculations about what the next model number could be for the Samsung. The current flagship product is Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300, the previous one was Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 and that tells the next Samsung Galaxy S IV should be GT-I9400 or even GT-I9500. The number 4 is considered to be unlucky in Korea, so GT-I9500 makes sense, but GT-I9900 should have been for the Galaxy S VIII or Galaxy S IX — if those even exist in Samsung’s secret labs.

Galaxy S4 benchmarks

There are rumours of a Tizen device by Samsung as well and is expected to be coming out sometime this year. May be, Samsung is planning to skip a few Galaxy S model numbers for the Tizen devices? For now, let’s stick with what we have so far. Check out the NenaMark benchmark results from here: Galaxy S4 I9900 Benchmarks.