Update Galaxy S2 SHW-M250K to KKALIB Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OTA Official Test Firmware

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KKALIB Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean is the official test firmware for the Galaxy S2 SHW-M250K (Korea). Jelly Bean is not yet available as a full firmware officially from Samsung, but the test firmwares have leaked online which you can now install on your Galaxy S2. Remember, this is just an OTA update (not a full firmware) because of which, you will need to install E250KKKALI8 as the base firmware first and then install the new E250KKKALIB Jelly Bean OTA firmware update. We have the full tutorial below as you read this post.

This firmware is only for the Galaxy S2 (SHW-M250K, Korea). As you continue reading below, we will guide you through the entire process of how to install the official software update KKALIB Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean on Galaxy S2 SHW-M250K using ODIN. Let’s continue with the tutorial below.

Galaxy S2

Disclaimer: All the tools, mods or ROMs mentioned below belong to their respective owners/developers. We (TeamAndroid.com) or the developers are not to be held responsible if you damage or brick your device. We don’t have you on gun point to try out this tutorial 😉

OTA Update: Just a quick note here. This is an official OTA (over-the-air) firmware update grabbed from Samsung KIES servers, which means, it is not a full firmware. Your phone will need to already have Android 4.0.4 (build KKALI8) installed and running before you can apply this OTA firmware. Go to Settings > About phone and check your build number.

Android 4.1.1 KKALIB Firmware Details:

Version: 4.1.1
Date: 2012-09-15
Regions: Korea

Make sure you have installed all your USB drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S II to connect it with the computer. Download Samsung Galaxy S2 USB drivers! Apart from just the USB drivers, there are a few more things that you need to take care of.

1. You need to enable USB debugging mode. This helps to connect your Android phone with the PC. See here: How to Enable USB Debugging.

2. Your phone battery should be 80-85% charged. If your phone goes off suddenly because of battery, during flashing ROMs or installing mods and updates — your phone might go dead permanently. See here: How to Check Battery Percentage.

3. Backup all your important data that you might need as soon as your flash a new ROM, or make a backup for just in case, you never know when anything might go wrong. See below on how to backup data:

Data can also be backed up using Samsung KIES for their devices, but if you backup data manually, you get more options what top choose from and it is very easy to move data across Android devices from different manufacturers, i.e moving Samsung Galaxy Note backup data to HTC One X.

4. Your phone should be factory unlocked. Additional instructions for locked Android devices will be added in the tutorial for unlocking devices.

NOTE: Since this is a leaked firmware, make sure you know that after installing this firmware update, your can get FC errors, boot loops, several other bugs, apps might not work or worse, your phone might not boot. To fix, you will have to reinstall stock firmware.

Now, let’s proceed with the tutorial on the next page and update Galaxy S2 SHW-M250K to KKALIB Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean official stock firmware.

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  • SIIsane

    so author, does it works for you? Or, do you saw somewhere it’s working? Also, is it good ?

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  • nipun

    how to update s2 shw-250s

  • jason

    hello i have shw-250k i laready updated to i9100 and jelly bean 4.1.2 but the thing wrong is my imei and baseband is missing.but my phone is still in good working.how to repair my problem?..tnx/..

    • prasad

      Is your phone detecting network ?

      I have same phone brought it from korea and its not detecting network.

      pls reply

  • its for galaxy note 2 m250k is the code for galaxy note 2

    • jason

      how to get back my s2 imei and baseband?..plz help..

  • hey its giving an error when i started installing the unzip file ithat is giving an that signature verification faild.

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