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Enable Inverted Mode in Android 4.0 to Save Battery

We all know how Android phones have battery problems in almost every phone, and we continue to look for different ways to save battery. You should check out our extensive battery saving tips guide if you have battery problems a lot. Coming back to the main topic, you can enable / activate inverted mode in some Android 4.0 ICS devices to save battery while reading.

Inverted mode will change a white background of a website to black one which would help save battery as only black and white text in displayed on the screen.

How to Enable Inverted Mode in Android 4.0 to Save Battery

Using a dark background on web pages and wallpapers help you save battery. Most websites use a plain white background which obviously uses more battery when you read long articles or browse webites for long. In case you are running out of juice, and you have to urgently go to browse a website, you can easily use the option to invert the colours of the pages. How to do that? We have described that in the quick steps below.

NOTE: Inverted mode may not be available on all Android phones. We have it on the HTC One X.

1. Open your Internet browser by opening the ‘Internet’ app.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Then go to Accessibility.

4. Scroll down and check “Inverted rendering”.

Now go and check the website in the browser. It will have inverted colours.