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Google Maps 6.5.0 with Navigation Activated For Any Country

Navigation with Google Maps - Android App

Google Maps 6.5.0 was released today which brought some new features to the Google Maps app on Android. Google Maps Navigation (beta) has got a brand new UI and brings support for ICS devices, and an option has been added to get transit directions for preferred transit mode.

I will be covering a tutorial on how you can install Google Maps 6.5.0 (Ownhere) with World Navigation activated and functioning for any country. Google Maps 6.5.0 Navigation has been hacked to be used with any country.

For those who are not aware, Navigation is a free, voice-guided GPS navigation system by Google that comes bundled with Google Maps on all Android devices.

How to Install Google Maps v6.5.0 Mod – with World Navigation Activated

Please read everything below and follow the steps carefully. The following tutorial is based on my step-by-step instructions on how to install Google Maps 5.12 with Navigation activated.

Features that are included in this Google Maps 6.5.0 mod are:

  • Worldwide navigation using Google Maps Directions
  • Map tiles caching on SD card
  • Force-enabled multitouch, if you’re on Eclair or some custom Donut software and don’t have multitouch
  • Zooming, then maybe this will enable it.
  • Force-enable Buzz feature
  • Fix for map shift issue in China
  • Option to hide zoom buttons
  • Installable on non-rooted devices

More features of the mod include:

What’s features in Google Maps v6.5.0 ownhere Mod version:
(1) This version of the navigation icons can be used directly, different previous versions can only be to call the navigation through the map;

This version is the accelerated version. Some phones gprs under .. can not download the map cache (Heavenly shield the Google server reasons);

(3) This version supports Samsung TTS voice navigation (Samsung Mobile), for the first time support Iflytek voice, the addition of a choice to select the voice navigation for oil;

(4) This version is not like the low-capacity version by other Modifiers, may lead to some low-end phones can not be installed;


  • Your Android phone should be rooted because Titanium Backup requires root access when making a backup. Root NOT required if you know how to install system files using ADB.
  • You should have Android Market in your phone. Funny, but some countries like Saudi Arabia don’t have Android Market.
  • Make a backup of your phone before you proceed below – just in case something goes wrong.

Need To Know:

  • This tutorial was performed and tested by myself on my Google Nexus S.
  • It is running on stock ROM (with root access).
  • Screenshots below are old, based on my tutorial for Google Maps 5.9.

Disclaimer: Try this on your own risk. I’m not responsible if you mess up with your phone.


Now let’s begin with the tutorial:

1. Download and install Titanium Backup from Google Play Store.

Titanium Backup - Android app

2. Go to Backup/Restore tab and look for Maps.

3. Now tap Maps 6.5.0 (or whatever version you have) and press the ‘Backup !’ button.

Titanium Backup - Google Maps 5.9 Backup

4. Now look for Street View (or whatever version you have), tap it and press the ‘Backup !’ button.

Titanium Backup - Street View Backup

5. Go back to Maps 6.5.0 (or whatever version you have) from the list, tap it, press the “Wipe Data” button and now press the “Un-install !” button.

6. Now go back to Street View (or whatever version you have) from the list, tap it, press the “Wipe Data” button and now press the “Un-install !” button.

Titanium Backup - Street View Uninstall

7. Download Google Maps 6.5.0 (Ownhere APK) below and transfer it to the root of your SD card.

8. Install maps5.12.0-ownhere.apk using a File Manager. If the installation fails or your phone is NOT rooted, use ADB to install the file using the two commands below:

adb remount
adb push maps6.5.0-ownhere-signed.apk /system/app

NOTE: If you’re having issues installing the APK file from ADB, rooted users can install it using Root Explorer (paid app). Tutorial given here.

9. Reboot your phone. You should now have fully working Google Maps 6.5.0 with Navigation activated for use in any country! Check it out in action in the screenshots below.

Navigation by Google Maps - Android App

10. Now go to the Google Play Store and reinstall Street View.

This completes the comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on how to install the latest Google Maps 6.5.0 with World Navigation (Ownhere Mod) to work in any country. For any queries or problems, don’t forget to drop a comment below!