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Your Phone Has Root Access? Sure? Verify Now with Root Checker!

Root Checker - Android App

Root access in your Android phone gives root level access to apps and system files in your phone. Many useful tweaks, hacks and such apps require you to have a rooted phone. Not everyone like rooting their phone as it voids warranty and most of them when come across an app for rooted devices, are not sure if their phone is rooted or not.

You can now verify proper root access in your phone with Root Checker. It is a free Android app that quickly verifies root access in your Android phone and confirms if it is functional – it can also verify if BusyBox is installed correctly.

It has two interfaces – basic and advanced. Basic results just show if everything is working fine or not. Advanced side can give you more details and info about the root access in your phone.

Root Checker – Download from Android Market

You can download Root Checker from Android Market.